STucker 12:52 28 Jan 2009

As a business travelor I have a requirement for a mimi laptop, it must be portable & I touch type. Can anyone suggest a goode site\guide\article covering the basic features. I'm not particularly technical.....

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:26 28 Jan 2009

Samsung NC 10...I would not consider any here

  Curio 14:22 28 Jan 2009

Concur with GANDALF <|:-)>

  Dizzy Bob 14:33 28 Jan 2009

Another thumbs up for the Samsung from me.


  wee eddie 14:47 28 Jan 2009

I "think" that most Netbooks will disappoint you. There have been postings on several Helprooms indicating that they are underpowered and slow to respond. However, I don't know!

If you Touchtype, the Screen may lag a way behind your fingers in displaying the words that you are typing.

  Forum Editor 17:25 28 Jan 2009

I agree with the others - the Samsung NC10 is the one.

I also travel quite a bit on business, and although I have a Netbook I wouldn't dream of using it as a main travelling machine, especially for touch typing. If you work fairly intensively with a computer you'll find it underpowered and fiddly.

I travel with one of these

click here

Not the cheapest solution, I'll admit, but as far as I'm concerned it's far and away the best travelling laptop I've ever used, and I've used lots. You can pick up a good secondhand model for a lot less.

  Robertmortbak 20:05 28 Jan 2009

Just started thinking about this myself; theres almost too much choice - I found a good information source here - click here

  realist 20:14 28 Jan 2009

Save some money.
Lowest-priced (afaik) XP netbook, also instore at same price.
click here

  curofone 21:03 28 Jan 2009

I do not think that you can really compare the nc10 and that asus there is a reason why the asus is £13o cheaper that the nc10 and that is becauase it is that much worse.

I have an nc10 (arrived this morning) and i have to say that i am very impressed with it straight away, the battery life is fantastic, the screen is very bright, i can touch type on the keyboard and it is more than capable of doing all the on the move task that people might need to do, the only thing that i am not keen on is the mouse pad as it is on the small size but i use an external mini mouse so that does not really bother me.

I got my nc10 (160gb version) for £287 which is slightly more than the msi wind (120gb version) (the only other netbook i considered) but then it has a 6 cell battery which accounts for that cost.

  dagnammit 22:58 28 Jan 2009

A friend bought an NC10 at Christmas and loves it... he tried to persuade me that it was worth the money. Good battery, nippy (fast) and does everything.... His GF even has the Sims 2 running on it!

I wanted something that I could browse the web on for an hour or so a day. An Acer One Linux model serves that purpose and costing only £229.

Though I'm yet to experience it as Play is taking their time with Delivery, it's now gone a week from dispatch. I called them and apparently it's drop shipped and they don't actually stock it, nor can trace it but I'll have to wait 21 days for it to be declared missing.

Now only if there website had said such things!

I do not recommend Play anymore.

  realist 11:38 29 Jan 2009

I do not think that you can really compare the nc10 and that asus there is a reason why the asus is £13o cheaper that the nc10 and that is becauase it is that much worse."

So you own an eeepc?

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