Netbook puzzle

  Hrosir 17:56 13 Jul 2009

I recently decided to buy our daughter a netbook to eable her to keep in touch with friends. On reading the review of the Samsung NC10 ,I opted to buy one from Comet as the difference online was negligible. I read with interest that the battery life was very good, around 7 hours give or take.
Having charged up and loaded up I left her to get to grips with it. To my surprize, the battery showed a rapid drop after only 2 hours at which point I looked at the battery meter and found that it was almost 50% left. At this point I decided to see what comet quoted the battery life as; 3.5 hours! Somewhat short of the quoted test figures, even on battery management. Not only this but I found that there were 2 models of the NC10 available and the other model was quoted as having 6 hours battery life. Not realizing there were 2 models I seem to have bought the lowest model although both I believe were quoted as the same price. Perhaps I am missing something here and there are indeed 2 otions available. As alast resort I looked up batteries for the NC10 and found quotes of £70 for a replacement battery. I feel bad for buying our daughter the low battery model, any comments please?

  superhoops 18:03 13 Jul 2009

I have the NC10. Th battery lasts round about 4-5 hours with the screen brightness turned fully up(how I like it).Would last a lot longer if I turned it down. I haven't heard of 2 different models of the NC10, I would check you haven't bought a faulty one.
Was it between £290 to £320 or so, if it was cheaper maybe they have produced a "lesser" model?

  MAT ALAN 18:13 13 Jul 2009

Speed and stamina

Many netbooks falter when it comes to matching their portability with suitably Olympian stamina, but the Samsung holds its head up high, even against the likes of the Eee PC 1000H. Our light use battery test saw the NC10 stop just short of the seven-and-a-half hour mark, and heavy usage only dropped that to 4hrs 11mins.

text from an online review, i CANNOT find any suggestion there is a "lesser" model, i would therefore suggest the battery is faulty and depending how long ago you bought it it may still be covered by a warranty agreement...

  MAT ALAN 18:17 13 Jul 2009

click here

there is this dated FEB this year but i doubt it apply's

  MAT ALAN 18:21 13 Jul 2009

Around the same time the did introduce a special edition with a DIFERENT battery BUT it was for nearly 9.5 Hrs.
I am still swayed towards the possibility that your battery is faulty...

  Hrosir 20:33 13 Jul 2009

click here lists 2 models NP-NC10-KA02UK

The model I bought is the latter, the first one appears to be almost identical but if anyone cares to check it out I would be interested to know the major differences apart from the battery life
I am aware that turning down certain options will increase battery time but not to the extent I have here.The netbook has been used twice.

  MAT ALAN 20:44 13 Jul 2009

NP-NC10-KA02UK up to 6-7 hours

NP-NC10-KA06UK up to 3 hours

seems you may well be roght...

  MAT ALAN 20:46 13 Jul 2009

ooops!!! right

  Hrosir 20:38 23 Aug 2009

As I was correct in my discovery concerning the battery of the NC10, I could have gone for the other model with 6 cells instead of three, so how come the models are identical in price. If I buy the 6 cell battery I wil have to fork out nearly £70! The store dosent say this on its ad notice .

  oldbeefer2 20:59 23 Aug 2009

We carry out the battery test by fully charging the battery and then timing how long it lasts when we're using the wireless connection (as this uses up the battery more quickly). The NC10's battery lasted for a stunning 9 hours and it only takes two and a half hours to fully charge.

  tullie 21:29 23 Aug 2009

I have 7 hrs out of mine so far with power cable attached.

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