Nero. Free Update. How?

  It's Me 15:51 17 Mar 2005

Various magazines ( including PCA) have reviewed Nero 6 Reloaded and they have said that if one has Nero 6 it is a free upgrade. I have Nero 6, but, for the life in me, i cannot fathom how to obtain this free upgrade, The version I have is 6.31.20, and that is not shown anywhere on their site, nor is any mention of this free upgrade.

From past experience, it will be very simple to do, but I will be unique in failing to spot how!

Has anyone managed to do this upgrade.

  pj123 16:16 17 Mar 2005

Are you talking update or upgrade?

This is what Nero site says.

"Please note
Updates are for free, but not Upgrades!
If we are talking about Updates, we mean updates within a version: e.g. from Nero to Nero Updates only renew already existing programs. The previous range of functions is preserved but brought up to date.
However, Upgrades are e.g. from Nero 5.5 to Nero 6. You can find more information on Upgrades"

  jimv7 16:23 17 Mar 2005
  maz2 18:32 17 Mar 2005

If it's the one you got with your writer it won't update it's only the one that is bought

  It's Me 20:38 17 Mar 2005

pj123. In their terms it is an update. Thank you.

jimv7. Thank you for the link. It worked just fine, and I am now updated. Mind you, I havn't yet figured out how to update the 'inCD' bit, as it says I must uninstall the previous installation, except that it is not shown on the Add/Remove list which makes it a bit tricky to do.
I have 'searched' and found files which are on 'C' drive only, which is a surprise, as my programmes are all kept on my 'F' drive, and I suspect that if I just delete these files, it won't work.

  Stuartli 09:44 18 Mar 2005

Reloaded is a continuation of Nero6 and therefore you are fully entitled to download and use the update.

pj123 is quite correct about the difference between update and upgrade but upgrading will only apply (if previous policy is followed) if and when Ahead releases Nero7.

Ahead brings out a new, updated version of Nero about once a month and the only real reason to update is if you want a particular new feature or have a very new rewriter model, which earlier Nero versions may not support.

Incidentally, not a lot of people seem to realise that full versions of Nero (featuring SmartStart) include a photo editor, photo viewer, ShowTime and other often useful applications.

  jbp1982 12:07 18 Mar 2005

Compared to the OEM disk with Nero 5.5 that I got with my drive, Nero 6 Reloaded, £40 I think I paid is well worth it. You get a lot more software for your money. Showtime is great for playing back DVD's, Nero media ain't bad either. Not sure how to use "Incd" myself.

To check for updates click the nero "flames icon" at the bottom right of the start smart launcher. Then click "Check Now".

  It's Me 16:42 18 Mar 2005

I'll just have to manage without inCD. The new software just won't install the new version for me. Never mind, like jbp1982, I'm not sure what it does anyway.

Many thanks for all the input everybody.

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