stalion 22:26 29 Mar 2004

Nero anti-virus scanner update available

  stalion 22:35 29 Mar 2004

Boot up Nero and look in help

  stalion 22:48 29 Mar 2004

I posted this because it is possibly overlooked by people with Nero I have Nero6

  Hornblower 11:31 30 Mar 2004 does it stack up against McAfee VirusScan 6.0?

I'm about to buy Nero 6. If there's an effective virus scanner included that's updated (very) regularly what's the point in having 2 virus checkers?

I'm very happy with McAfee, but willing to try anything that may do a better job, after all the version of McAfee I have is quite old now, but at least gets updated automatically. I also live by the 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it rule' - but I can always go back to McAfee if necessary.

Anyone else tried it yet?

  Stuartli 15:50 30 Mar 2004

The virus scanner on retail versions of Nero checks any data files you intend to burn are not infected with a virus.

It's a double check and one, I would have thought, that would be a useful backup to your normal AV program.

  stalion 20:11 30 Mar 2004

Hi Hornblower,the Nero virus checker does what Stuartli says so best to keep McAfee

  Hornblower 14:01 31 Mar 2004

Oh, I get it! Thanks to both of you.

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