need to take out a bank loan for train ticket??

  lofty29 10:09 16 Dec 2008

To cut a long story short, We have to travel from Taunton to London in early January on a one day return, so went onto trainline,initially got a price of £27.50 each, great thinks I, went to book them, sold out, so carried on looking, it ended up the only two seats we could get are priced at £145 each for the times we need to travel, so we are not travelling by train someone is taking us by car, and we are urged to use public transport.

  citadel 11:16 16 Dec 2008

It would have been better if they had torn all the tracks up and turned them all into motorways.

  Clapton is God 11:43 16 Dec 2008

"It would have been better if they had torn all the tracks up and turned them all into motorways"

Very helpful for those who can't or won't drive

  Quickbeam 12:32 16 Dec 2008

85p per mile isn't bad. There is never going to be unlimited seats at those sort of uneconomic low prices (16p per mile).

So, "someone is taking us by car".
Assuming it's an economical car getting 50 mpg, 340 miles return = £31 for fuel at £1 per litre.
Yes that's a lot cheaper, but then is the person taking you happy to just sit around for the several hours of your visit unpaid? If you price them at £8 per hour for their time, say a 12 hour day, then you're upto £130 for the day's travel cost.

To price that as a private hire operator I would want £400 at least for the return trip.

Anyone here familiar with rail pricing & costs?

  red1977 12:33 16 Dec 2008

Or get a coach

  Quickbeam 12:42 16 Dec 2008

National Express is about £56 standard return, 16p per mile. A trains running costs are far greater than a bus.

  lofty29 13:19 16 Dec 2008

We could have gone by coach, but the timing in this instance is a bit critical, cost £9. each return, fortunately a family member has to go up there so it works out OK, if not it would have been the coach and some difficult juggling. I still find the price of the railfare over the top, when people are being encouraged to use the train rather than a private car.

  tillybaby 15:37 16 Dec 2008

Lofty 29 I do agree with you that £290 for a day return for two people seems a lot excessive and see your point entirely about the government urging us to use public transport more but no incentive to do so. I live in the Greater Manchester region and only last week the vote for a congestion charge was thrown out by a massive majority, the trouble is that now everyone will be bleating about gridlock and the state of public transport,

It probably does cost a lot more to run a train than a coach but then again the train holds a heck of a lot more passengers so surely that should cancel some of the high cost out?

  The Brigadier 16:37 16 Dec 2008

Sadly it seems often that the cheap tickets for Taunton to London are not avaliable when you try to book them. We will use the local bus from Exmoor more if we knew that other affordable public transport was in place.

Have you tried Berry’s Coaches as they do daily trips to London from the Bus Garage in Taunton near The Castle Hotel.

  The Brigadier 16:39 16 Dec 2008

It does seem silly that these prices are advertised, but then again January is a busy time for those going to London.

  lofty29 17:00 16 Dec 2008

The Brigadier
We were only going from Taunton for convenience we are in north devon and that is a nightmare to get anywhere by train, and we have to go on a particular date and time.The worst time possible of course.

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