need SIMPLE laptop, no 'Chrome'

  btxkiddo 21:52 28 Feb 2014

I'm a writer seeking an inexpensive laptop for word processing, nothing more.

I don't want to have to connect to the internet in order to write/save documents (ala Chromebooks).

I don't want to have to subscribe to 'Cloud' and risk a storage dump if I fail to renew that subscription... No bells and whistles, please!

Any advice?

  btxkiddo 21:58 28 Feb 2014

P.S. I'd prefer an actual keyboard to a touchscreen (tablets, not so much...)


  wee eddie 02:24 01 Mar 2014

As a writer, the size of the keyboard will be critical, and almost unique to you.

Why not pop into Pc World and spend a happy half hour testing for the most comfortable

  BT 08:43 01 Mar 2014

Any laptop will do what you need. You can save your work on the hard disc or external memory sticks. You can plug in a full sized external keyboard, and if all you intend to do is word processing you can probably get one for less than £300.

  Woolwell 10:50 01 Mar 2014

The ease and use of keyboard is critical and I can only add to wee eddie's suggestion that you try a local store including John Lewis.

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