Need to return faulty laptop to PC World - help!

  dark*angel 15:17 14 Nov 2005

I bought a laptop from PC World back in March 2005 (yes, I know, PC World *groan*)

So anyway, I tried to turn it on Friday morning and the LCD bulb/backlight on the screen appears to have blown as the image is very, very dark and is barely showing. I'm sorry I can't be more technical, I tried to turn it on again this morning and the problem remains the same.

I still have the receipt/box but what I want to know is what position am I in here? Am I entitled to an exchange of a brand new but same model or can PC World just repair it and I have to hope for the best?

What about if it or something worse happens again? Would I then be able to get a new/similar product or would it be a case of PC World trying to fix the problem everytime?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

This is the laptop and I managed to get it for halfprice, does this affect anything like if I was to exchange models?

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  Hamish 15:57 14 Nov 2005

Look at this site click here

  sattman 16:28 14 Nov 2005

Does the screen brightness have no effect?

The price you paid for it does not effect your rights under the sale of goods act, it still must be fit for the purpose that it was designed for

The period of ownnership will have some bearing on how the repair is acted on, as you have had it for 8 months, I would think that a repair is the best you will get.

If it fails after the repair then you may have a case for replacement, however in this instance as you only paid half the full cost at new I think that you can not expect a brand new computer.

  wee eddie 16:36 14 Nov 2005

Your half price deal may have prompted PCW to place some limitations on the Warranty.

However you should be able to claim a repair or replacement with an equivalent model.

A quite pleasant approach frequently achieves more than the big fist method that some appear to favour.

Good Luck.

If you can avoid Saturday afternoon, do, as Staff are usually pretty stressed by then and are frequently pressed for time.

  dark*angel 16:50 14 Nov 2005

Thank you for your advice.

To be honest with you the laptop had been crashing about 2 months ago and the screen kept on freezing. I gave the laptop the usual anti-virus and firewall once over and it is clean of any viruses/Trojans/spyware etc. I’m not happy with it and this faulty screen is the last straw for me. I didn’t take it in for repair two months ago because I just didn’t want the headache but I guess I have to deal with it now.

Does the screen brightness have no effect?

Unfortunately not. When I switched it on at first I thought it hadn't turned on but then I tilted it at an angle and very vaguely you could see Packard Bell logo and log in window etc but the screen is so dark basically it looks like the laptop has not been turned on if that makes any sense.

It was half price because PC World had just opened their new collect in-store order on web thing and it was limited to something like only 100 or so first people to get it.

I don’t have my receipt to hand at the moment and would appreciate any advice from anyone who has had to do something similar? Can I go to any PC World store or does it have to be the original branch where I bought it from? Do you have to call the number on the back of your receipt first before you take it back?

  josie mayhem 17:23 14 Nov 2005

If you intend to take it back, why don't you try and use your restore disks to reset it back to it's factory settings (before doing this, remember to back up any important documents)

If by doing this then at least it will either return your laptop to working order, or prove that in fact it is a hardware and not a soft ware issue.

  Pamy 17:28 14 Nov 2005

I would just take it all back to the store you bought it from with every bit of paper ,add, bill etc. Explane and show them the problem and ask tha em to put it right.


  Arnie 17:46 14 Nov 2005

TFT screens are backlit by a small number of fluorescent tubes. These have a limited life and will probably fail before the rest of the circuitry in the monitor. My iiyama monitor has an hours of use detector built into it. (I call it an abuse circuit).

It is also possible that the drive circuitry which lights the tubes to be faulty.
This can be corrected by a technician. This repair is what PC World will probably offer you.

  Cannuck 18:06 14 Nov 2005

My television that I bought in February from Currys was causing a minor problem, so when we were out grocery shopping yesterday, I stopped in to Curry's, and mentioned it to the salesman.
He asked me my post code, fed it into their computer, confirmed my name and address, and EVERY purchase I have ever made from any Dixon Group store was there on screen.
He checked the purchase date, saw that it was still under warranty, and arranged right then for the repair man to come to my home tomorrow to (hopefully) fix my telly.
So the thing is, I had no receipt or any kind of paper with me, but they knew when and where I bought it, so they should be able to do the same for you, I would hope.

  sattman 18:40 14 Nov 2005

What I meant does the small brightness control switch not have any effect.

  Dizzy Bob 18:14 15 Nov 2005

PCW will not be able to repair a backlight at the store as stores do not keep parts for laptop PC's. The unit will be collected from you, repaired and returned.

Call the service line on 0870 242 0444 (or use click here for a better number!)to arrange. If you go to the store, they will probably only be able to give you the same advice. The laptop repair service is *normally* fairly swift.


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