Need a replacement AGP Graphics Card

  freaky 10:41 23 Mar 2006

My 14 month old Mesh Matrix with AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Processor (939) Pin. Came supplied with a 128 DDR FX-5500 + TV OUT & DVI Graphics Card. And also has 1.5mb of PC3200 DDR-Memory.

Been playing Battle for Middle-Earth without any problems at High Graphics setting. Recently bought Battle for Middle-Earth (2).

This game will only run OK at Low Graphics setting, above that it stutters and is very slow. As my processor and Ram are OK, then it must be due to the card.

Can anybody recommend a high spec' AGP Graphic Card as a replacement that is compatible with most games ?

  rmcqua 11:32 23 Mar 2006

How about this one freaky?click here

  freaky 11:43 23 Mar 2006

Thanks for that - funny I just came from their site.

The Novatech GeForce 6600GT 256MB semed good value at £114.04 inc vat.

It's got twice the memory as my current model, so would have thought it would do the job.

Any opinions ?

  rmcqua 12:23 23 Mar 2006

My son's PC has a 6600GT and runs BFME fine at high resolution. Quite a saving on the one I suggested, too.

  freaky 15:09 23 Mar 2006

Have now ordered the 6600GT, so will keep my fingers crossed that it does the job.

  rmcqua 14:59 24 Mar 2006

OK freaky. Please post to let us know how it works out.

  freaky 11:46 25 Mar 2006

Just installed the GeForce 6600GT - I am now running Battle for Middle Earth(2) at a High graphic setting - no problem and much improved appearance.

Have downloaded the latest Driver from Nvidia, but not installed it yet.

Once I have installed the new driver, then I will try BME at Ultra High graphic setting.

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