need to replace an Athlon(t-bird) mobo, recomend?

  Tecno Dan 13:14 19 Jul 2003


I have an AMD athlon 1.33 system. Although i am led to believe my motherboard is causing a lot of the problems I am having. As such I would like a cheap motherboard to replace it. It needs to be able to take SD-ram

any recommendations would be most welcome!



  bremner 13:23 19 Jul 2003

Cheap, cheerful and takes SDRAM click here

  Tecno Dan 13:39 19 Jul 2003

thanks bremner, some people seam to think its great, others say it rubbish.

im prepared to go up to 40-50 quid for it.

any other mobo's that people would like to recommend?


  davidg_richmond 13:40 19 Jul 2003

I can't believe they can even make them for that price!

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