Need reccomendations for a laptop. Budget=£500

  Residual 10:31 12 Jan 2008

Dear all,

I humbly come to you all to ask for reccomendations on which laptop to buy for a budget of £500. There are so many new year deals going on at the moment im stuped at what to get!

I was thinking of a Samsung R60+ - don't know if they are any good.

Many thanks.

  Stuartli 10:40 12 Jan 2008

Whatever model you buy, if it's a dual core laptop check out how warm it gets during use.

A pal's acquisition early this month of such a model certainly helps to keep his kitchen warm...:-)

  trv26 12:07 12 Jan 2008

talking about laptops running hot, AMD ATHLONS dual coresare the worst i believe. They weren't designed for laptops as far as i understand.

  trv26 12:11 12 Jan 2008

out of interst stuartli, wat was the processor on ur frens laptop?

  Residual 14:48 12 Jan 2008

Hi I still havent had any reccos pls pls help!

  Crash 18:32 12 Jan 2008

Samsung laptops are excellent, my uncle had one and the features and build quality were excellent! Try this one click here or else a Toshiba one with win XP on it click here . Also try the Dell inspiron 1520 E Value Code UKDHSONL-N0152008 click here

  silverous 22:03 12 Jan 2008

At around that price point I would tend to go for Acer as I've found you get the best bang per buck there. If for personal use I'd be tempted to try and get an Acer warranty within the budget.

  silverous 22:06 12 Jan 2008

You haven't had too many recos because to be honest unless you say what is important to you then a laptop is a laptop is a laptop. No particular brand these days are 'bad' so really it is a matter of getting the best spec you can from a reputable brand for your budget.

I've used laptopsdirect lately and found them good, Dell are also good as I'm sure are Samsung. As I mentioned, have a look round and get the best spec you can for your budget (or to look at it another way, look for the cheapest you can find that meets your minimum spec and isn't from !)

  Residual 12:55 14 Jan 2008

Is it worth me getting a laptop from comet as they do 2 years cover. As I'm a laptop vigin I do not really know if laptops are prone to copping out. Pls advise.
Also I have looked at 2 samsung R60+s - one from play .com and the other Laptops direct. Both units have the same CPU. however they differ in RAM and Harddrive space. The one from has 2G RAM whilst the one from laptops direct has a bigger harddrive but only 1G RAM. I take it's wise to go for the unit with more RAM?

  silverous 13:49 14 Jan 2008

Just about everywhere will offer you a warranty for sale so if that's all Comet are doing I wouldn't restrict yourself to them for that reason alone.

Laptops aren't any more prone I would say, but: i) when they do it tends to be more costly and less easy to fix (particularly to fix yourself) and ii) if they are being moved around a lot this may put more wear on things and may lead to accidental damage also.

RE: 2 laptops, it depends: if they are same price and those are the only differences then, depending on how limiting a factor the hard disk in the one with greater memory is to you, I'd go for more memory. You can get by fine with 1GB depending on your usage in Vista but 2GB is a safer bet.

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