Need a new Security package- Advice please

  goforit 18:01 01 Jul 2008

I have had an AVG package which I paid around £30 for. It is about to run out. The current one takes up to 7 hours to scan my computer! It also slows it down for quite a while when I first switch on.

Any recommendations? I don't mind paying for something that is reliable and doesnt slow down my PC massively.

I saw somewhere on this site a piece about Spyware 5.5. Sounded promising. Any good?



  wjrt 18:15 01 Jul 2008
  spuds 19:45 01 Jul 2008

Seven hours to do a scan seems rather high. Do you have loads of downloads that you keep changing around?.

In the link that wjrt as supplied, gives many recommended freeware programs, but remember not to have more than one anti-virus program installed, as this might lead to problems.

The computer that I am using at present, as Avast (anti-virus), Sunbelt (firewall),Spyware Terminator, CCleaner and Advance Window Care2. Its runs perfectly, and all the programs are free with mostly regular updates. A complete scan and correction takes no more than 15 minutes about once a week if needed.

  sconedd 20:11 01 Jul 2008

I have NOD32 from click here. Been using it for a while now. You don't even know it's there, it gets very good write ups. Does not hog the system. In fact they did have a deal on, 2 years subsciption for £33.18 + vat. I think you can also subscribe for longer, the price being accordingly. Tyr it for 30 days and then if you like it, you can pay for it. Hope this helps.

  RobCharles1981 22:51 01 Jul 2008
  birdface 13:12 02 Jul 2008

New free one on PCA home here No idea how good it is.But from a British company.

  interzone55 15:34 02 Jul 2008

Remember that the time taken for an AV scan depends on a number of factors

1) power & ram of PC
2) number of files that need scanning
3) amount of other work the computer is doing during the scan

I've got hundreds of thousands of files on my PC - MP3 files, images, database log files and other assorted rubbish.
I have AVG 8.0 and it scans the whole lot in about 4 hours. I have it set to run at 11pm on a Sunday, so I just leave the PC on overnight to perform the scan.

  birdface 17:28 02 Jul 2008

You do know that you can put a tick in the box to power down AVG when it finishes scanning.Great little tool.

  goforit 18:31 02 Jul 2008

Thanks everyone for your response. Very helpful indeed.

wjrt: I have used both AVG free and Avast. The latter (2 years back) had an American voice shouting "You have a suspicious email" and the sound of a siren and a nuclear image in a dialog box if I forgot to put a subject line in when sending an email out. Frightened the living daylights out of me every time!

My current AVG 8 (I think) scans every day and I have not been able to find out how to change that to once a week.

spuds: Thanks for your contribution. I will look at your suggestions particularly for the cleaner and window care.

sconedd: Many thanks to you too. I have had a look at NOD32 and am very interested. I think I will go for this one. Do you think I will need a firewall and anti-spyware with it?

My thanks to Alan14, Buteman and Rob too. The only thing I did know about AVG is the tick in the box to have it shut down ofter the scan!

I do have a fair bit in the way of photos on my PC and large software packages such as Adobe products but no music.

Luckily I don't have any 'craplets' as my PC was built for me by a friend. But I am sure I must have loads of rubbish from 3 years of use.

Not sure if I trust a registry cleaner though.


  sconedd 19:42 02 Jul 2008

Hi goforit, no you will not need a firewall, because I think your system will have it's own but NOD32 will take care of it anyway. Hope this helps. Good luck

  interzone55 20:59 02 Jul 2008

I didn't know that, but I have my backup routine set to kick in at 6am - so this wouldn't run.

I only leave my laptop running one night a week, so I don't feel I'm killing to many penguins...

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