Need new laptop - advice please

  Neo_0147 12:13 12 Jul 2004


Been looking at potential laptops for university and I came across an offer from tiny computers. I looked at the spec and saw the price and i was surprised to say the least.

Have any of you guys had any experience with tiny laptops? Do you feel this laptop would do the job? For £799 it seems a very good deal....

Here's the link : click here

It is buy now pay 6 months later which is good, because by then I will have the money. Do you know any other companys who do this? Can't find it on Dell's site.

Thanks for your input

  pcwhizz 12:18 12 Jul 2004

Tiny are not always best ppl todeal with. they offer good spec. BUT there reliability is not very good.

Also the Modem is locked to Supanet so u will have to register with their ISP to get the modem unlocked.

its upto u. if u no lot bout pcs. it wont be so bad coz u cud fix anythin if worst came to worst.

but for a begginner id think twice.

  wee eddie 19:39 12 Jul 2004

I would not prejudge the situation.

Wait till you get there and have a chance to access your real requirements rather than the perceived requirements.

Your living(accommodation) security will almost certainly colour your choice.

  matt1234 20:51 12 Jul 2004

id go for evesham

i have one from them got a 3 year warrenty and it is very good and can handle all the latest games with no problem what so ever!

  matt1234 20:51 12 Jul 2004
  TomJerry 01:34 13 Jul 2004

If you want quality stuff, Toshiba has special deals for students with their Notebook for Student Scheme click here

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