VID1973 18:46 23 Nov 2007

Hi folks,,,,need help on choosing a new graphic card.
My motherboard takes a AGP 8X SLOT
I have a 2.6ghz p.u
2gb of memory

Will spend around £180.00

Any suggestions (need tae be quick,,crimbo prezie from the wife.

Thanks ppl:)


  VID1973 18:47 23 Nov 2007

I also have a 450watt PSU


  Forum Editor 19:38 23 Nov 2007

when typing your thread title - it's not necessary, and is the internet equivalent of shouting, it will irritate people.

  VID1973 19:44 23 Nov 2007

Sorry !!

  Rayuk 11:31 24 Nov 2007

Best ati agp cards are 1950Pro at about £100-120 there is an Nvidia 7950 card at around the £175 mark dont know much about that one though.
Your power supply requirement would be minimum 450watts with 30a rail/s[should have these details on the side of your power supply]

  GaT7 17:32 24 Nov 2007

As Rayuk mentions, I'd go for a X1950Pro/XT or 7900GT/7950GT for around £90-140: click here & click here.

Because of your CPU, I'd say a X1950Pro would be the ideal choice.

Benchmark comparison list: click here

I'm always into saving money, so try eBay as well for a secondhand one for a fraction of the price: a search click here. G

  GaT7 17:36 24 Nov 2007

Make sure to buy an AGP one, as it's easy to make a mistake & get a PCI-E one! G

  Mr Beeline 23:57 24 Nov 2007

X1950Pro gets my vote as well. No real point in my opinion in spending much more money, as your CPU is likely to start being a bottle neck.

  Totally-braindead 00:19 25 Nov 2007

Have to agree that theres no real point going further than the ATI1950 Pro as I think the processor will bottleneck the faster more expensive Nvidia 7950.

The 1950 Pro is a really good card, I would make sure you buy a branded one though. Read this click here

  Armchair 20:31 25 Nov 2007

What about the AGP 2600XT by Sapphire? Looks as if they've sorted out the drivers for it now

click here

and they're available for £71 delivered

click here

  GaT7 20:47 01 Dec 2007

Armchair that's not a bad price for a 2600XT but it's only on par with a £55 7600GT (click here) - benchmarks click here. OK it's got a few extra features & DX10 compatible (on Vista only) - so it depends on VID1973's needs as well. G

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