In need of a new gaming system

  Rookie1986 13:34 20 Sep 2008

Hi everyone :)

It has been many years since i've owned a gaming computer and at one point i thought i never would again but with the recent release of Warhammer Online i have found myself wanting to give it a try, at the moment i use an iMac so don't really have much of an option when it comes to upgrading so i think it might be best for me to look for a good site that offers good spec systems for fair prices,

If anyone would be able to point me in the direction of something that would be ideal to play Warhammer Online it would be much appreciated,


  wolfie3000 14:28 20 Sep 2008

Well when buying any type of pc the most important thing is your budget, how much are you looking to spend?

One site to give a look at is Alienwares,

click here

Also cube24/7 have some good rigs too,

click here

But which ever site you use make sure you can add or take off stuff when ordering, Both cube and alienwares sites let you do this.

Also consider whether you want to play a few older games too, this is important as you wont be able to play older games on a pc with Windows Vista on it.

Some manufacturers let you choose between XP and Vista.

  Rookie1986 23:15 20 Sep 2008

Well I'm looking to spend around £700-£800 and a friend is also looking to buy a new system to run Warhammer Online in the £2000 area but would like somewhere that has a finance option,

So what would you guys recommend for us both?

  project 90 17:29 22 Sep 2008

think to start off with you should look for a gpu 8800gts with 512ram a decent enough for most games and depending on your monitor you choose prob play them at max res quite well.

cpu has to be dual core dnt even know if there are and singles available go for pentiums as they do out perform amd think it was the 6700 dual core not too sure pentium was good performance value and overclockable

ram probally looking at some ddr2 2-4gig worth you should look for 800mhz in speed.

monitor again up to you i use 19" and its fine but remember to check the response time lower = less motion blur and i would say 8m/s would be the limit on how slow it shuold be.

so all that said if you just try go get a system with a similar build u should have no troubles playing warhammer i would of thought.

as for you friend he prob just be able to buy a decent quad core system off the likes of alienware mesh dell ect and just add some of the better components

hope that helps a bit.

  Strawballs 22:37 22 Sep 2008

click here how about this one for your friend

click here this one for yourself and they will give you the choice of XP or Vista

  GaT7 17:42 23 Sep 2008

A few things you must ask yourselves before purchasing:

- How much upgrading will you be doing in the future? E.g. get the best PSU you can afford, so it's one thing you won't have to change if you add that additional powerful graphics card
- Do you need a SLI/Crossfire motherboard to add additional graphics cards?
- DDR2 or DDR3 RAM? Latter, now or later?
- & so on

Consider building them yourselves - this way you'll get exactly what you want, & possibly at a reduced cost.

If a self-build is not possible, consider these complete systems, with OS, 22-24" monitors, speakers, keyboard+mouse:

This under £2000 PC - see my Sat, 06/09/[email protected]:15 post in this thread click here. Your friend can further customise it according to his needs if necessary.

This for ~£775 delivered click here - can also be customised.

I feel Alienware doesn't offer very good value for money, & Cube247 can be hit & miss - do a search for them on the forum. G

  Arkanon 19:23 23 Sep 2008

you could try ROCK laptops. they have a finance option although it is currently unavailabe due to a change in the finance company it should be back up as an option pretty soon. They meant to be ringing me when they have done it soi can order my own super system lol

click here i think it is

  antonic 10:50 28 Sep 2008

My mates here : click here

Are building me the following machine :
AMD Athlon 64bit 6Ghz
Asrock Socket AM2 Geforce 8200 chipset KN10N78HSLI PCI Express format main board
3 Gb DDR2 Memory
500 Gb SATA Hard Drive 7200 rpm
512 Mb Nvidia Geforce 9500 PCI Express Graphics card

All for £275.00.

The onnly parts I am keeping from my existing machine are the DVD-RW & 1 200 Gb Hard Drive.

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