Need info on buying pc

  JGriffin 16:35 19 Apr 2008

Hi this is the first time using the forums, i would like some advice. I am looking for a new pc to buy, my old pc is a little too old and my laptop is dieing. I need a pc that is capable of playing new games (such as age of conan) im looking for a base unit only. I have my eyes on two base unit.

One is a novatech energiser at £850, the other is a cube 247 Jupiter ST4 (with a few additional stuff) at £880.

I was wondering which of the two companies are more reliable and would there be any other base units that people could recomend that would suit my need.

  GaT7 16:58 19 Apr 2008

Can you provide links to those two PCs please?

If I were to choose between them, I'd go for Novatech any day.

If you want the best value for money, build it yourself if possible, or get a Dell. I can provide a link to a Dell XPS, that will probably better anything that most other manufacturers can offer for the same price. With those links, I can compare it to a similar Dell & see if it's indeed superior to either. G

  JGriffin 17:07 19 Apr 2008

thanks for info crossbow, i previously had a dell and ive had it for about 7 years now but i have heared they are less reliable than what they used to be.

The novatech one is - click here

I have also seen two more that i like, one is a commodore - click here
and the other is a evesham - click here (£850 without the monitor)

  GaT7 18:51 19 Apr 2008

The Novatech you linked to only has 8600GT graphics, which will be quite poor in the latest games. With that kind of budget you should be aiming for a minimum of a 8800GT/9600GT (or better) graphics card. The graphics card is more important in games than the CPU. A dual-core is probably going to be better than a quad in games, as most games today can't make use of 4 cores. Could be good for the future though as more games will probably have quad-core support.

The Cube247 Jupiter ST4 click here appears very good for the spec, but customer services can be hit miss. This no doubt the most powerful PC mentioned so far, & doesn't lack GPU & CPU-wise.

I reckon the Commodore one is too expensive for the spec (though appears excellent quality) & only a 8600GT again.

You'll want to reconsider buying from Evesham - click here, click here, click here, click here

For once I couldn't find a comparable Dell PC with a QUAD-core & suitable graphics card to match the others/price. However, I did come up with this XPS 420 from the Dell Business site click here, that's cracking for the price....

Change default config to [my suggestions only]:
- E8500
- 3Gb RAM
- Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard [value of ~£52 click here / review click here]
- Logitech G5 Gaming Mouse [value of ~£37 click here / review click here]

Add it to your basket. Total price = £600 (screenshot click here), or £575 with Quidco cashback click here

That's a saving of £250-275 off your original budget for a very competent gaming PC with excellent peripherals. G

P.S. Recent Dell XPS threads click here & click here

  Rob_08 20:28 19 Apr 2008

Try this Novatech one like mine:

click here

Dual 8800GT. Quadcore Q9300 1333 FSB ( they made a typo and put 1066 FSB ) But it isnt i can assure you. No complaints either its great.

  GaT7 21:43 19 Apr 2008

Seems to be some good Dell XPS bargains on eBay, with warranty too - e.g. this click here with a quad-core, 8800GTX, 3Gb & ~11-month Dell NBD warranty for ~£720 delivered (may be a little more as PayPal may charge a small currency conversion fee).

eBay search for Dell XPS 420 & 720 PCs click here - make sure to get one with a full Dell warranty if buying. G

  ronalddonald 23:39 19 Apr 2008

R u sure about Evesham as i presumed they went into liquidation???

  GaT7 01:00 20 Apr 2008

ronalddonald, you're right. See links in my post of Sat, 19/04/[email protected]:51 above. G

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