Need help upgrading pc

  ldorman 14:16 13 Jan 2008

Hi, i have a dell inspiron 530s which is a slimline pc. I only recently learned that this means i am severely limited in terms of expand/upgradability, especially when it comes to graphics cards. I am confined to half height or low profile cards and although an experienced member of pc advisor has already been kind enough to show me my options with these cards, the best of them still leave much to be desired. So i've decided to look at any other options i have. I am considering moving everything in my existing pc into a new case, or maybe a new motherboard and case. But to be honest i don't know really where to start.

cpu - intel core 2 duo 2.33ghz
ram - 2gb
1 x pci express x16 slot
2 x pci slots
graphics - half height ati 2400 xt
dvdrw drive
multi card reader
320gb hard disk

i don't know anything about my power supply or motherboard

Thanks in advance

  Totally-braindead 14:40 13 Jan 2008

You could perhaps move the entire PC, motherboard and all into a new case. That would work and its pretty cost effective and theres no changes that would need to be made to any of the hardware.

But a different motherboard is a completely different thing. In effect it is a new PC.
The old hard drives would need to have a repair install of windows done as the drivers for the new motherboard would be completely different and this would not work with the Dell disk as the Dell disk is for this PC. Change the board and its a new PC and the Dell disk won't work. It might possibly install but it would fail validation and I don't think Microsoft would revalidate it.

So if you did put in a new motherboard and processor you would need a new copy of windows as well and this all adds to the expense. To be honest a new PC is a better option, lots less hassle.

Alternatively perhaps you could get a low profile card that would do the job, you haven't actually said what the problem is so I presume its games.

  Totally-braindead 14:42 13 Jan 2008

The new case option would work ok, only thing I would watch if you did this is what power supply rating you need for the graphics card you wish to use.

Forget the new board and CPU option. If you need to do this get another PC instead.

  ldorman 16:19 13 Jan 2008

Hello again totally braindead! So what do i need to know before i buy a new case? how do i check the power supply and would you recommend any places to get them from?

  Totally-braindead 17:23 13 Jan 2008

A standard case would do you, no real need to go beserk costwise. Something like this perhaps click here or if you want a replacement power supply as well maybe click here although your present power supply might actually be more powerful than the standard one fitted in the case. A better branded power supply would be a better idea. I would also double check with Dell that the power supply connections are standard because they used to fit unusual power supplies - I don't think this is the case any longer but I do want to play safe.

I do have one concern. The size of the power supply you have already and whether it would fit in a standard case, you have already said its a slimline PC so the power supply might be a smaller size and if it is you might find the predrilled holes are in the wrong places. Of course if you are replacing the power supply as well then this doesn't matter.

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