Need help updating gaming PC

  Bonafide 21:26 27 Jan 2008

I bought a gaming PC, coming on 2 years ago from MESH and need a little help upgrading. Ive been out of the loop as it were, not keeping upto date on what is good. So here I am. I will list the specs.

AMD athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4400+
ASUS A8n-SLI deluxe PCI-Express Mainboard - ATX
1024MB DDR400 memory - PC3200
256MB nVIDIA GeForce 7800GT
19" Flat Panel Monitor

I listed the things I believe to be important. Ideally I am looking for a new graphics card and more RAM. Perhaps even a new monitor because the highest res on this one is 1280x1024.


  citadel 22:06 27 Jan 2008

8800gt is the best mid to high card, it may be bottlenecked by the rest of your spec, another 1g of ram helps with new games, samsung 226cw 22" widescreen. you can not go wrong with a monitor as it will go with you next system.

  Bonafide 23:02 27 Jan 2008

thanks for the response. I guess perhaps the system might bottleneck the card but Im not in the market for buying a whole new system right now.

Could you recommend where to get these from?

  Devil Fish 23:07 27 Jan 2008

for gaming i would be more inclined towards a core 2 duo processor they are out performing Amd and have headroom for a decent over clock, Along with citadel i would agree on another gig of ram and and the 8800gt is the best mid/high card out their at the moment

  GaT7 23:40 27 Jan 2008

If you're on a bit of a budget, the Samsung 226cw 22" could be overkill. Instead consider a Neovo 22" 3ms click here for £140 (to get it for that price go through Scan/todayonly click here - click on the BUY link there. To get free delivery, see click here).

There's also an Acer 24

  GaT7 23:41 27 Jan 2008

There's also an Acer 24" 5ms for £200 (with free delivery) click here. G

  GaT7 23:49 27 Jan 2008

the same Acer 24" is available for £193 at click here (follow the same procedure above to get it for this price).

Scan/todayonly deals don't last too long at times, but they do have a tendency of returning. G

  Bonafide 23:56 27 Jan 2008

thanks for you help. Could you advise where to buy the card and RAM from too? :)

Also if i was to buy a new CPU wouldnt I basically be better off just buying a new PC?

  GaT7 01:01 28 Jan 2008

If you've decided on a 8800GT - eBuyer click here.

For 1Gb PC3200 RAM, this for £30 click here would be sufficient. May be a good idea to check the number of slots free & the motherboard PDF manual. If you presently have 2x512mb modules, & require 2 or 4 modules (not 3) for dual-channel functionality, then these 2x512Mb modules (£29-30) may be a better option - click here. Either way, don't forget to use the free del option to get it for these prices.

"Also if i was to buy a new CPU wouldnt I basically be better off just buying a new PC?" - I'd say yes. If it's a socket 939 motherboard you cannot do very much better CPU-wise unless you go for one in the FX series I think - but the cost is prohibitive(?), so not worth it. Also Intel C2D CPU (alos mentioned by Devil Fish) would require a new motherboard, which would in turn require the newer DDR2 RAM. G

  JAM3S 05:04 28 Jan 2008

'...Perhaps even a new monitor because the highest res on this one is 1280x1024.'

Gaming machine right? I've got a Evesham PC quite similar to yours at the mo. (4800x2, 2gb Ram, 21"TFT) Playing Crysis at the games default settings (medium) reveals a resolution of 800x600. I'd rather have the 800x600 than a 1280x1024 with sluggish framerate, Maybe it's just Crysis though :) Call of Duty 4 looked quite sweet..

Good luck with your choices.

  Bonafide 20:14 03 Feb 2008

I was busy this week and was still thinking the idea over and I am glad I did. The 8800GT card dropped £20 in price from last week :) . I decided to leave buying the monitor for now and just get the ram and card. Also to note on Scan I could not see the free del option for the ram, which is a shame. Perhaps there is a minimum spend requirement before they give you that option.

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