Need help choosing RAM

  andrewv42 16:45 17 Sep 2008

I'm going to eventually buy a new PSU for my computer since my graphics card is currently under supplied, but I'm also thinking of getting a RAM upgrade to boost my computer's speed.

click here

Can anybody point out the good/bad memory in this list please? Also tell me what you might recommend.

My motherboard supports DDR2 and is already running 1gb (2 x 512mb) of memory.

  andrewv42 16:52 17 Sep 2008

heres an updated cart : )

click here

  Kevscar1 17:09 17 Sep 2008

If you are running Vista I don't think 2GB is much good get 3GB DDR800 at least. Are you having a 32bit or 64 bit OS. got 64 and have 8GB. Everything runs so fast that this was posted before I finished typing it.

  aine 17:10 17 Sep 2008

Log on to crucial. they are very good at suggesting and supplying ram. Good company

  GaT7 18:31 17 Sep 2008

The Corsair PSU you've chosen should be fine.

What are your system specs like btw?

Memory depends on a few things:

1. How many slots free?
2. What motherboard - make & model?
3. What OS?

As aine says, visit Crucial click here, run their online scanner & see what it suggests. You don't have to buy from them (you may get better/cheaper RAM from Newegg). G

  project 90 18:48 17 Sep 2008

2 gig is fine for vista mine runs fast and smooth am sure i can wait them extra few milli seconds on things loading and keep the extra money for other things :D

  Zaphod 3 20:36 17 Sep 2008

As the others have said, try Crucial and it is very unlikely anything will go wrong.

  andrewv42 14:52 18 Sep 2008

Okay thanks.

I have 2 free memory slots, but I'm now actually planning of replacing my old memory rather than adding new memory on.

I'm not sure about my motherboard model though :/

My OS is Windows XP 32-bit, so no need to have more than 2gb.

  GaT7 18:38 18 Sep 2008

1. Run the scanner at Crucial

2. Tell us what it suggests - post the URL here

3. We'll suggest what to go for

Would also be helpful if you tell us what the PC is being used for, & do/will you overclock components? This will also give a better idea of the quality & spec of RAM to go for. G

  andrewv42 05:01 19 Sep 2008

click here

theres the link to what the crucial scan suggested. I've already added that memory card to my shopping cart on Newegg :)

I'm going to use my computer for casual gaming and internet surfing really, nothing serious. And seeing as I don't really know how to overclock, I won't be doing that either.

  GaT7 16:47 19 Sep 2008

The scan also mentions:

"Each memory slot can hold DDR2 PC2-5300, DDR2 PC2-4200, DDR2 PC2-6400,......with a maximum of 2GB per slot.*" (Btw, official specs say 1Gb per slot click here)

I'd go for the G.Skill modules (the ones in your basket), as they're good but not overly expensive. First check in the BIOS if you can manually increase the RAM voltage - it needs to be 1.9v to run in dual-channel mode according to one reviewer. Crucial's 2x1Gb PC2-6400 kit for the same money would be OK too, & without changing anything in the BIOS.

As the motherboard has 4 slots you could retain your old memory & have 3Gb in total if you like (Ideally you'll want to place the larger modules in Dimm slots 1 & 2). All the RAM will work at the speed of the slowest modules, but 3Gb of slightly slower RAM may well be better than 2Gb of the faster variety. G

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