need help choosing android phone please

  sunnystaines 11:53 06 Sep 2010

we are a complete novice when it comes to mobile phones.

but like the idea of free unlimited internet and sat nav, may save us buying a net book.

two questions need help with please

1] go for 02 or Orange.

2] the HTC desire hand set or the samsung galaxy S.

any pros and cons in reply two these questions would be helpful.

  JoeC 12:39 06 Sep 2010

click here

I already have an HTC mobile phone and it has always felt sturdier than others I have had such as Nokia and Samsung Tocco. This feeling of sturdiness carried over to when I tried both the HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S in the shop. I did end up plumping for the the Samsung Galaxy S. If you get over the fact that it feels a little flimsier, it is an absolutely superb phone. I think that the Desire was once voted the worlds most desireable phone (was it here I read that?) I can assure you that you would not be disappointed with either, just that I went for the Samsung (slightly bigger screen).

  Picklefactory 13:10 06 Sep 2010

.... from an old beat up SE K800i to a shiny new HTC Desire. In general I'm very happy with it, but there are some issues that disappoint me.
Firstly, re your network qustion, I was previously on Virgin for the past 4 years, who (I think) share the T Mobile network, and I was very happy with coverage, signal strength etc. I couldn't get a suitable deal with Virgin, so migrated to Orange. I now do not receive anything like as good a signal (Regular missed calls etc), but whether that is Orange or the Desire,or both I don't know. It's not terrible, just not as good as I was used to.
Another downside is the Desire has no inbuilt voice dialling set up, a no brainer on the vast majority of phones. There are apps to download FOC, but they are not perfect, so if you use a handsfree unit, it could be better. I have got mine working reasonable well with my car kit, but not quite as good as previously (Bluetooth is no prob, just voice dialling)
Battery life is another shocker for me, I used to charge my K800 roughly twice per week, the Desire needs a daily charge, although I think that may be the same for any of these powerful smart phones, all the clever stuff they do sucks a lot of juice, so that criticism may be slightly unfair.
Re: internet etc, I'm quite pleased with that. I only went for the 512Mb per month option, as I spend much of my time near to a pc with internet, so I don't need loads on my phone. I only really browse a little on my phone daily and use sat nav a little, so not a heavy user, and so far I haven't managed to use more than 25% of my quota.
The GPS receiver is very quick, quicker than my Garmin car sat nav, but the only downside is the that the Google maps are internet based, so depending on your local signal, the sat nav can die with your signal.
The phone itself I love, I'm a techie, so there are loads of things to play with, gadgets, widgets and apps to d/load and mess with. Hours of fun if you like that sort of thing.

Overall, I'm happy with the Desire, but I feel there are a few areas where it could have been improved.

Hope that ramble is of some use, if you have any more specific questions, I'll do my best.

  sunnystaines 13:26 06 Sep 2010

thank you read the link. a whole new learning curve for someone one used to making and getting phone calls only.

the trouble with the phone shops you wait forever to see a member of staff who then loose you you in all the tech talk which is spoken many times faster than normal talk.

I see in your link "3" also do these phones, thought it was just o2 and orange may try there later they are a better store.

any advice on which operators to sign up to?

  sunnystaines 13:33 06 Sep 2010

thanks too for your reply, never thought about the sat nav bit cutting out in poor signal area's.

got a tmobile laptop PAYG dongle would never use their service again, poor internet speed, poor signal coverage, poor customer service.

our present mobile is o2 they seem ok, but visiting their sores for advice is a nightmare.
used "3" donngle on our laptop always had good, fast signals and the store is good too.

not sure about orange our daughter has orange and says they are great, but i know they have a poor reputation.

  JoeC 14:19 06 Sep 2010

because their reception in my area is good. I bought the phone outright rather than paying monthly through O2 and as the Samsung is unlocked,I can use any sim card in it. I will say though, that battery life - when I first got the phone - was absolutely disgraceful, but that was because I was playing with the phone and exploring everything about it (maps, news feeds, chat progs etc etc). Now I have calmed down, the battery life is quite good - not excellent, but quite good. My own personal opinion, I wouldn't go near 3.

  Woolwell 15:07 06 Sep 2010

"free unlimited internet and sat nav"

I don't think that there is such a thing as free unlimited internet. As far as I aware you buy a bundle so many MB's per month. Overseas this can work out very expensive.

I have satnav on my phone (not Android). If using Google Maps then you have to download the map. There are other maps that don't require downloading but to access most of the features you still need internet access.

Make sure that you are happy with screen size and you can use it out of doors.

  sunnystaines 15:42 06 Sep 2010

thanks for all the replies, just done a trawl round the phones stores speaking to the sales staff, went to orange,o2,3,and carphonephone warehouse.

the only one that seemed straight up and had all the time for a novice was carphone warehouse, salesman he was first class plus their rates were £10 month cheaper than going direct with the other stores.

I am considering "3" as the provider why are they so bad? need to know before i buy. [ they offer the best free calls and internet allowance. orange lied to me about their coverage it is not unlimited as the saleman had told me. found "3" ok with a laptop dongle and been told if there is no 3 signal it locks on to the orange signal in lieu.

still undecided on the two phones too, the wife prefers the rubber back on the HTC as she is disabled but the samsungS has a better picture and volume output.

  JoeC 16:03 06 Sep 2010

click here

for the Samsung phone - you can also get same for HTC Desire. Screen protector (a must)comes with it.

  JoeC 16:55 06 Sep 2010

Just to clarify what I get with O2;- I pay £10 monthly and for that I get 300 texts and 500MB internet use. So far I have come nowhere near that plus the £10 is used for calls and any money left (usually a good bit for me) carries on to next month.If I go abroad, I can use a "Bolt-on" for that. I don't have to top up that money, I find it convenient though.

I wouldn't use 3 due to immense problems both of my daughters have had with them but that is purely my stance. I am sure many people have had no problems whatsoever with 3 but I won't be finding out.

  Forum Editor 19:17 06 Sep 2010

based on the experience of one of my colleagues. He's had his phone for just over two months now, and says it's the best phone he's ever used. Previously he had a T-Mobile G1, so he was accustomed to using an Android phone.

I have also been using a G1 for the past year, and my experience of that, plus the glowing reports I've been getting from my colleague have prompted my move to the HTC.

There's no such thing as the perfect phone, any more than there's a perfect computer - everyone has individual likes and dislikes. The Desire gets consistently high scores in independent reviews and in user reviews, so we'll see. Mine arrives at the end of the week.

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