need headphones

  abhishyam2007 17:03 04 Mar 2012

Hi people. I need 'headphones' for use with my sony nwz-b163f mp3 players. I m on a tight budget of only about 2000 indian rupees-approx 20 GBP. Currently using panasonic rp kje350.... Need bass ..treble not so important. Considering sennheiser hd202.. Please advice. Warm regards abhishek

  Forum Editor 17:07 04 Mar 2012

This belongs in Consumerwatch. I'll Transfer there from Speakers Corner now.

  john bunyan 17:08 04 Mar 2012

Sennheiser hd202. For a reasonable price I like these - I have a pair from Currys in UK - a bit more than 2000 Rupees but not much.

  abhishyam2007 17:32 04 Mar 2012

@john bunyan, if worth than i can consider 25-30 GBP. no problem.. just want good quality and BASS. @forum editor-didnt get ur point

  john bunyan 18:25 04 Mar 2012

If you are new to the forum you will see that there are different ones depending on the subject. Eg an enquiry like yours should be posted in the Consumer Watch one. If you have a technical query it would go in Helproom or Absolute Beginners. A subject for debate in general would go to Speakers Corner - etc etc

  abhishyam2007 18:34 04 Mar 2012

Oh ok sorry for that..i m new so.... Any suggestions?

  john bunyan 19:33 04 Mar 2012

I suggest you read some old threads to get a feel for the forum.

  abhishyam2007 19:48 04 Mar 2012

Ok sure... by suggestions i meant for headphones btw...

  ICF 20:31 04 Mar 2012

Sorry a bit more expensive than your budget but they are excellent. SoundMagic

  abhishyam2007 04:09 05 Mar 2012

Soundmagic model?

  ICF 20:45 06 Mar 2012

The model is E10.Just click on the link in my first post!

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