need grfx card to run PC?

  joe_123a 15:16 15 Dec 2005

if you had a computer without a graphics card, would it not work/show anything on a monitor etc.

bit stuck about this...


  pj123 15:24 15 Dec 2005

Not sure what you mean here. I have a computer with "onboard" graphics. That is, it does not have a "graphics card". But all computers have a socket to plug a monitor in to. It is a 15 pin female socket (mostly coloured blue) and you should have a cable from your monitor which plugs into it.

  DieSse 15:39 15 Dec 2005

Just to amplify what pj123 said.

Yes you need a graphics *facility* to run a PC. (Where would you plug the monitor in without one).

It can be a seperate plug-in card - OR - it can be built-in to the motherboard.

In both cases, on the back panel will be the connector for the monitor.

Both will work fine.

IF you tell us what your problem is - maybe you'll get some more useful help.

  joe_123a 15:42 15 Dec 2005

cheers for those responses

my problem was that i wasnt sure whether some sort of graphics function was needed at all, but you've cleared it up for me.


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