Need a Bluetooth headset for calls

  AL47 18:57 12 Nov 2009

so ive got a long distance relationship and could do with one of these for skype to skype free calls

[owe about a 75 landline bill for the month]

and i was wondering on recomendations.. looking for a good one, less than £100 [i have no issues buying something more expensive over ebay but under 100]

reccomendations.. its gonna save me in the long run!

  oldbeefer2 19:44 12 Nov 2009

Perhaps I'm being dumb (not the first time), but why Bluetooth? If you have a PC/laptop, a webcam with built in mic is all you need (and most laptops these days have both built in)?

  AL47 20:27 12 Nov 2009

i wanna be able to sit on my bed and wander round, with it and id like to use it in the car with a mobile etc, i already have a bt keyboard and mouse

  AL47 20:28 12 Nov 2009

this is the design i like..
click here

  interzone55 20:58 12 Nov 2009

If you're calling Skype why not get a 3 network phone, they have free Skype to Skype calling

click here

  AL47 21:05 12 Nov 2009

problemn is i have my eye on a particular phone [which isnt 3] and id prbably make use of it in the car too

was also looking at this, i think its designed for both?
click here

  AL47 19:29 13 Nov 2009

if there are no opinions or views i think im gonna get this havent a clue what itll be like

  AL47 19:55 18 Nov 2009

i cant get a definitvve yes or no on if i can get such a device AT ALL?

any more help?

  OTT_Buzzard 22:29 18 Nov 2009

I've got a set from Philips very similar to click here


Bluetooth is bluetooth - either a device has it or it doesn't.

  AL47 20:27 19 Nov 2009

ive done some reading etc and alot of people have problems connecting these sets to thier PCs for Skype,[the ones for mobiles] i always thought BT was BT bvut im not so sure after reading these

  OTT_Buzzard 22:08 19 Nov 2009

really - bluetooth *is* bluetooth. It's an encoding and transmission protocol, nothing else.

But you get people who do understand PC's and those who don't.

The only time i've found people who are havinmg problms, don't know how to set up their PC (or the software doesn't set their PC up for them). Phone's don't suffer from this as they are far less complex, and with only a very limited number of audio options.

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