Need advice on possible Evesham Axis MKR purchase

  thestig 01:14 16 Mar 2006

Hi. I'm about to buy a new computer. I've looked at a lot of companies and offers. The best one I think is Evesham.

I can configure the Evesham Axis MKR with the following specifications for £1337.01

[email protected] 64 X2 Processor 4200+
nVidia nForce PCI-Express Motherboard
2GB DDR Ram (PC3 200)(2x1GB)
250GB SATA 7200rpm Hard Drive with 8mb buffer
Multi Format 16x Dual layer DVD re-writer
52x24x52 CDRW Drive
7.1 Channel Surround Sound (on-board)
Keyboard, Mouse, Microsoft Works 8.0

I think this looks a great system. But as I have not bought a new computer in around 3 years, it would be great if some people could give their opinion on this system and Evesham. Thanks.

  rmcqua 08:39 16 Mar 2006

Well,not sure what you get in the way of a monitor, but this system (which doesn't have monitor or OS) is about £300 less. Otherwise quite similar- bigger HDD than Evesham, less RAM and obviously not as high spec graphice card.
click here

  anskyber 10:00 16 Mar 2006

It should drive as well as you drive cars! Seriously, I have no personal experience of Evesham but the "drift" of comments on this site suggests a good machine and good after sales. I too am considering an Evesham. The "competitor" is a Dell which is about £300 cheaper and comes with a 19inch screen. The Novatech brand recommended by rmcqua is also well spoken of by many here.

  anskyber 10:03 16 Mar 2006

click here Then configure, although I imagine you have already seen this range.

  thestig 10:50 16 Mar 2006

Thanks for your answers and helpful links.

I still like the Evesham. I'm very close to ordering it now.

What about this RAM on the Evesham?

2GB DDR Ram (PC3 200)(2x1GB)

I have no idea what PC3 200 means! Is this good RAM or cheap stuff?

  anskyber 12:32 16 Mar 2006

Not sure I can explain it fully although this might help. click here Some say it is slowly being replaced by DDR2

  anskyber 13:00 16 Mar 2006

click here For what it is worth.

  Ceri.E 13:28 16 Mar 2006

We have had two lap-tops from Evesham. Since there have been no problems with either, I can't attest to what happens when things go wrong. Others have said good things.

The latest one (a Turion) was tested at 100% cpu usage for 2 weeks non-stop and it performed flawlessly.

PC 3200 RAM is a bit like specifying the engine size of a car. You know that the engine is, say, 2 litres and 120 BHP at 5,000 rpm, but it doesn't comment as to the maker, so you don't know if it's BMW or Ford.

Evesham usually choose good quality parts, though.

BTW, we have had 3 desktops from Novatech and one from cube-247 - nothing bad to say about either of those, as well.



  Woolwell 14:17 16 Mar 2006

The Evesham MKR spec is similar to my requirements. From a previous thread you will see that I have had a recent poor experience with Dell. But have good experience in the past.
My question however is what warranty does Novatech give? I cannot find the answer on their site. rmcqua always seems to recommend them.

  anskyber 14:40 16 Mar 2006

12 months unless their manufacturers say otherwise. click here

  Woolwell 15:10 16 Mar 2006

Thank you

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