NEED ADVICE OFF PC PRO'S on my new buying specs! ~

  Romsta911 10:20 22 May 2006

Hey guys, i am currently putting the final touches to getting all the parts for my new PC that i am going to build myself. I would REALLY appreciate if you could comment and give me feedback on my specs because i have very limited knowledge on some aspects of the system and therefore would hate to be buying something that is not good, heres the stuff:

256mb Nvidia BFG GF 7900GT Overclocked SLI £250

Pioneer 16x DL DVD-RW OEM DVR-11D £28



ASUS A8N-SLI 64BIT 989 £75

AMD DUEL CORE 4200+ 64BIT £255




This system is around £1,128 and i want to keep it under £1,200. please give me any advice you guys can because i understand that some of you know ALOT about PC's ty!

  dontmeshwithme 12:33 22 May 2006

I think you may have trouble installing the XP upgrade on a new machine. Try instead getting XP OEM from click here for around £55.
Alternatively click here will build you a custom machine to your specs for £1060 delivered. Although I have built my own PC in the past, I didn't get any enjoyment from it and actually found it very frustrating and with a pre-assembled PC you do get a warrenty. I can't tell you much about the company/service, I ordered a PC from them a fortnight ago and it is due for Delivery on Wednesday. They have responded to both telephone and email enquires so that's a positive.

  donki 12:52 22 May 2006

Ur specsare very similar to my mesh i got a few months ago apart from i have a 7800GT and 2gb of ram.

Mine was only £1050, but it is a beast and runs everything on full that ive thrown at it, including FEAR and Oblivion.

So just double ur RAM, ul need it if ur getting Vista.

  Totally-braindead 13:06 22 May 2006

I would also think you would find the upgrade version of XP a problem unless of course you already have a version of windows and are upgrading. If not a OEM version purchased at the time you buy all the rest can save you at least £30.
The power supply. I bought a Tagan 480w PSU earlier this year and its fine but I hope the one you have chosen is modular as with my one, there are so many leads that you don't use I found it a bit of a clutter getting everything connected. So if you can get a modular one so you can only connect the leads you want.
From the specification you have posted it appears very good and I have no doubt it will fly. It is similar to the one I built myself at Xmas but I couldn't afford a dual processor and went for a 3500 Athlon 64 but will get a dual core processor later, when hopefully the price drops.

  Romsta911 13:12 22 May 2006

ty very much for these helpful comments keep them flowing, i did originally go for MESH donki but after reading at least 130 threads all slating there terrible services i decided to build my own ;)

  donki 13:52 22 May 2006

Can understand ur ur worry but i have had nothing bad to say against them. Delivery was ehn they said the build and performance of the machine is excellant and support ive had has been good. Just my experience.

  dontmeshwithme 15:08 22 May 2006

The thing to do with any company is to call their techinical support before making your purchase and see for yourself what you are likely to get as an after sales service.

  GaT7 18:32 22 May 2006

HyperOs OneClick could be a handy little tool to consider at just £20 click here (taken from this recent post by merlinx click here ). Or, invest in Acronis True Image/ Norton Ghost/similar for backups. Partitioning your hard disk or getting another for backups is highly recommended.

Why the 19" BELINEA 101902 may I ask, & I assume you already have a case? G

  dontmeshwithme 20:16 22 May 2006

It's personal preference but you could also opt for an acer widescreen display click here instead of the Belinea and get a 1440 x 900 resolution compared to the Belinea 1280 x 1024, it's also marginally cheaper.

  Joe R 21:10 22 May 2006


you can't run ddr2 ram, on a socket 939 board.
The fastest type you will be able to run is 400Mhz (pc3200).

You will find a decent selection here.
click here

you can also save a few £s on your CPU. click here

  Totally-braindead 11:01 23 May 2006

I would save myself the hassle of looking for compatible memory and go to Crucial click here I haven't heard of the A8N-SLI 64 bit and couldn't find it listed I presume you mean either the Deluxe or the Premium. The link I gave is for the Deluxe.

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