need a 17" lcd monitor

  Garthyy 16:28 28 Jul 2009

Does anyone have any reviews? Looking to use it for internet, word processing and gaming - would samsung or nec be any good?

  birdface 18:36 28 Jul 2009

Try e-buyer or amazon usually fairly cheap with both.Just ordered a 22" Samsung from e-buyer today.You will also get customer reviews on the most popular ones.

  Pamy 20:23 28 Jul 2009

why do you nead a 17" lcd monitor ?

  Garthyy 11:49 30 Jul 2009

only got a 15" buyt suppose I have just enough room for a 19"

  Stuartli 12:00 30 Jul 2009

Don't forget that an 4:3 ratio LCD monitor screen size such as 17in equates approximately to a 19in CRT model, a 19in to a 21in CRT and so on.

It's different in the case of widescreen models - for instance my 26in LCD TV has a screen height only a fraction more than the 21in CRT set it replaced.

  Garthyy 12:06 30 Jul 2009

looking at samsung sm963uw - widescreeenm 19" as realised thisa will just fit,

  Garthyy 12:25 30 Jul 2009

I have a nvidia gtx 260 graphics card, which dvi cable do I get to work with the samsung monitor?

  alan2273 21:51 30 Jul 2009

looking at the specifications, it has a VGA and DVI connection, use the DVI.

  GaT7 22:22 30 Jul 2009

Garthy, how much will you be paying for that Samsung SM963UW? G

  Garthyy 17:45 31 Jul 2009

£190 but hard to find. Got it installed and very happy

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