NEC 1760nx TFT monitor

  moid 12:19 28 Jan 2003

Hi all,
I'm looking at buying a Mesh system with a TFT monitor. The 17" they offer on upgrade is the NEC 1760nx TFT with DVI and analogue inputs. From what I can see it is pretty new, and as such I can't find a review or opinion on it. Anybody in here know if it is a good buy, as the rest of the system is excellent.
Cheers in advance

  Djohn 12:51 28 Jan 2003

moid, if you look to the lower right of your screen on this page you will see under the word (Consumerwatch), second line down in blue. NEC 1760nx TFT monitor.

Click on this and you can read for your self. :o)

  moid 12:56 28 Jan 2003

Djohn, sorry, but that link is to my original posting, or am i missing something :?

  Djohn 12:59 28 Jan 2003

Most humble apologies :o( my fault, just read a review somewhere and mixed it up! off to have a look for it now and then hide in embarrassment!

  Djohn 13:08 28 Jan 2003

Sorry I was reading page 238 of March issue of PCA and it is the 1860NX that I read about!

The funny thing is, I have requested a broacher from NEC on the 1760NX as I too am interested in buying one. Hence my confusion.

  moid 13:19 28 Jan 2003

no problems :) The spec looks pretty good as far as I can tell, but I'm always nervous buying something 'blind' as it were.

If i find some more info i will let you know

  Djohn 13:40 28 Jan 2003

Me too! have a look at this one from CTX, due in the shops any day now, looks very good and I have been told the price will be £335-00 approx. click here

  Djohn 13:43 28 Jan 2003

Well that link didn't work! go to click here and follow through to LCD screens and bring up the S 700.

  moid 13:46 28 Jan 2003

looks good yes. Problem is that the NEC monitor is the only one offered by Mesh :(

Too many decisions man !

  Djohn 13:49 28 Jan 2003

Yep! expensive one too, and we have to live with the monitor for a long time. J.

  moid 12:27 03 Feb 2003

Well I have ordered one which will be with me last week. I will let you know what it's like - hopefully v.good !

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