Naughty NTL @ it again

  Bleep 14:14 08 Mar 2005

Check this out the new improved NTL Speeds: click here

Preety impressive? Like hell: click here

Product Download Speed Upload Speed
1Mb 1000Kbs 100Kbps
2Mb 2000Kbs 200Kbps
3Mb 3000Kbs 300Kbps

So they have slashed the upload speed of the 1MB Sevice from 256Kbps to 100Kbps which is slower than there old 700k Service at least that had 128Kbps up-load.

There goes my NTL contract, as playing XBOX Live with 100k up-load? no thankyou and forget about sending large files, shame as on first look it seemed as if NTL were starting to offer a great broadband package..........

  bfoc 14:42 08 Mar 2005

I'm not sure what your complaint is.

The old £24.99 500K service became 700k and will now be 2Mb, the upload speed increases from 128K to 200K.

The old 1Mb service becomes 3Mb and the upload speed increases from 256K to 300K.

It appears you are comparing the 'old' 1Mb (1Mb down 256K up) service at £37 per month with the new 1Mb (1mb down 100k up) service costing £17.99. Whereas the new 'equivalent' service is the 3Mb down and 300K up.

Or have I missed something?

  Bleep 14:52 08 Mar 2005

Please ignore this post altogether I must have left my basic cognative skills in the pub last night.


  bfoc 17:02 08 Mar 2005

I really did wonder if I'd missed something!

Hope it was a good night!


  Bleep 22:05 08 Mar 2005

Must add have now been upgraded to 2MB and 1GB day allowance and am very happy.

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