Nationwide Digital Satellite Service Ltd- beware

  elaine45 12:49 17 Aug 2006

I was contacted by this company in May 2005 when my warranty with Sky ended. I took out there full coverplan gold option. Last week I was contacted by another company who said my warranty had ended last year and would I be interested in taking out cover with them, I told them no because I already had cover. For some unknown reason I decided to contact Nationwide for the first time in 15 months to see what cover I had. I tried the all the telephone numbers on there letter but there was no reply.
I then searched the company on the Companies House and found that the company had been dissolved on the 11 April 2006. I had never received anything about this from anyone involved. On searching the web and reading other forums I discovered another company called Nationwide Digital Satellite Warranty Services Ltd. This company is still active and has the same address's and telephone numbers as the other one. I have been paying £5.99 by standing order each month to the company even since the company was dissolved and still would be if I hadnt tried to contact them. I WANT OTHER PEOPLE ARE WITH THIS COMPANY TO STOP PAYING THEM.
According to the forums they were still contacting people right up to the day they were dissolved. They also have a website which is Any comments would be appreciated

  Stuartli 14:16 17 Aug 2006

This is interesting because it's based in Southport (can't spell Houghton Street on its website) and there is another Nationwide business in the town (apart from the building society) which deals with the buying and distribution of fruit and vegetables throughout the UK.

This is a highly respected multi-million pound annual turnover company, Nationwide Produce Ltd, which is the largest independent business of its type in the UK.

Re the telephone numbers on the letter you mention. Are these the same as the "new" company and, if so, do they work?

Same for e-mails? Any responses?

As I live in the town I could perhaps get the local paper's editorial staff to undertake an investigation.

  elaine45 16:13 17 Aug 2006

Yhanks for your response, all the telephone numbers and address's are exactly the same for both companies.They both have a registered office which is in Kirkby Liverpool and both the service ofice is in Southport and the website is the same for both companies. According to an article in the mirror in March 2005 the company director is Michael Sullivan he was involved in a scam in August 2003 were he was prosecuted. The company was Data protection agency services aka data collection enforcement agency. If you do a search on the web you can find details about it.
I have been trying to find out if the company had administrators in to deal with their affairs and any court details but have not turned anything up as yet. The consumer direct told me to send a registed letter to the company asking what was going on and where has my money been going to along with everyone elses.
Perhaps your local paper would be interested.
I am hoping that if people read this and can at least warn some people to stop paying them, as I do not know anything else I can do. I have sent an email to the mirror advising them of whats been going on as they did an article on it some time ago.

  Forum Editor 18:09 17 Aug 2006

of Nationwide Digital Satellite Service Ltd.

They answered the phone immediately - the number I called was: 0870 241 6485.

Here's the interesting bit. When the call was answered a voice said "Service department". I then said "Are you Nationwide Produce Ltd.?"

"Yes" said the voice "How can I help you?".

"Oh, I said. So you're not Nationwide Digital Satellite Service Ltd. then?"

"Yes, we are" said the voice.

"But you just said you were Nationwide Produce"

"Sorry" said the voice, "I misheard you, I thought you asked if we were Nationwide Satellite Service"

We then had quite a detailed discussion, during which I repeatedly asked if this person had any knowledge of Nationwide Produce. He repeatedly denied ever hearing that name before, and when I said that the company had the same registered address as his Satellite Service company he said "That's news to me, I'll have to check with my managing director".

I asked if that would be Michael Sullivan, and he said "Yes, that's right, how do you know?" When I told him that I thought it might be the same Michael Sullivan that was prosecuted in 2003 he said "That's news to me, and I've been here for a long time".

I then asked if he had heard of Data Protection Agency Services, and he said he had.

This man (Scottish accent) was extremely talkative, and didn't seem in the least bit worried about talking to a journalist - I told him who I was. He told me that he would be more than happy to talk to any of our readers who needed information about their payments - all they had to do was to phone the number I gave above.

Just before the end of the call I asked if he had heard anything about the company being dissolved in April of this year, and he said he didn't. "Would I be answering the phone if the company was dissolved?" he asked.

  spuds 18:35 17 Aug 2006

Is this one of the same? click here

  Forum Editor 18:45 17 Aug 2006

Stuartli has emailed me to point out that he didn't say Nationwide Produce were at the same address - that part was down to my misreading of his post.

Which makes it even more spooky that when I asked "Are you nationwide produce?" the man on the phone said very clearly "Yes, how can I help you?"

'Nationwide produce' doesn't sound too similar to 'Nationwide digital satellite service Ltd' does it?

  elaine45 21:15 17 Aug 2006

I do not know how you managed to get a reply,
I have been trying all the numbers given for days. The Nationwide Digital Satellite Service Ltd company registration number is 4824718, if you check at company house this company was dissolved, my coverplan was taken out with this company not Nationwide Digital Satellite Warranty Services Ltd registration number 5597928. I will try ringing them in the morning.

  premier man 21:40 17 Aug 2006

Ihave read this post with interest because I am covered by Nationwide Digital Satellite Service Ltd,
A month ago I had problems with my Sky Box,I phoned the number 08702416458 got through straight away,
Firstly the girl through a test situation which was a complete reboot,told me to phone back if not resolved,
a couple of days later I did,so she said she would get engineer to fit new box,
he phoned 2 days later to arrange a time for next day
he came as arranged, job done.
A few days later the girl phoned to check if it was all ok
elaine45 I hope this is a help

  elaine45 21:59 17 Aug 2006

You are lucky to have got through to them Premier man, I tried all the telephone numbers on my coverplan letter all day friday and have tried at various times since but still can not get a reply. This is all very strange.

  elaine45 09:27 18 Aug 2006

I have discovered there is an unlimited ompany called Nationwide Digital Satellite Service at the same address and same telephone numbers.
I have tried ringing this company again this morning but have had no reply.
Can anyone help and perhaps try one of the numbers to see if they get a reply then tell me.
SERVICE OFFICE IS 01704 884777
PerhapS people could try the freephone number just to see how many people get through.

  Stuartli 10:06 18 Aug 2006

0870 241 6485 cannot be a Freephone service as it is an 0870 prefix - free calls usually commence with 0800 or 0500 depending on the network used.

The FE managed to speak to someone immediately on this phone number last night.

premier man states the number he rang was 08702416458 (i.e. the last two digits are reversed).

01704 is the Southport prefix and 0151 is for the Liverpool area.

Telephone numbers in and around Southport town centre usually commence with a 5; those starting with 8 are normally areas to the south as far as Formby and district.

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