Annie22 16:31 16 Jan 2007

Beware 08/06
Having read your BEWARE threads on this company regarding warranty on Sky Digital Boxes - have any readers had any recent dealings with this company??
Reason for asking is I have just signed up with them - before being told by Sky that they only recommend Domestic & General for warranty.
Is this company legit or are they still dodgy!!
I cannot find any recent threads

  FreeCell 17:31 16 Jan 2007

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  mike1967 17:55 16 Jan 2007

If youre sky box is out of warranty, do not get cover for it, if it does fail Sky will supply one free of charge the only thing is you will need to enter into a new 12 month contract

Believe me Sky will not want to lose a customer because youre box is faulty

  Annie22 09:43 17 Jan 2007

Thanks Mike
Wish I had known this earlier - but I did not even know that there was a problem until I did a search!
I still would like to know how this company gained my details - according to Sky they do not use them!! Trying to get a refund from Nationwide!

  k.d 22:48 14 Feb 2007

i have had dealings with this company for 3 years and when i have needed them have been very satisfied. If you ask sky why they only rec d&g they won't tell you the reason is that d&g were the first company to offer cover for sky equipment and that for every customer that sky recommend that sky get a kick back from d&g!!!

  Annie22 10:54 15 Feb 2007

After my last posting and getting no help from SKY I contacted my bank and gave them all the facts including the postings from this site.
I explained that I had paid by credit card so they cancelled the card I used and set about getting my money refunded.
I also spoke to Nationwide (yep I got through) and told them I wanted to cancel my contract due to the fact that they were not approved by SKY. This they did not agree on and said that SKY were only recommending General Domestic as they got a cut out of it.
I also asked where my receipt for the c.card payment. They said they were very busy but would get this out. (still no receipt)
When I asked how they had my details they were non responsive.
I again said that I did not wish to proceed with the contract and I was told to write to them cancelling. This I did sending the letter recorded.
The bank has now refunded the full amount paid on the c.card back into my account but I have now received a letter from Nationwide saying it is too late to cancel, even though I did so before the contract was due to start. I am waiting to see what happens next.
I have also received a letter from the warranty company SKY recommend - but we are not going to take out any cover.

  Stuartli 11:00 15 Feb 2007

Do as I believe so many others have done and report this company to Sefton MBC's Trading Standards Department.

  Stuartli 11:01 15 Feb 2007

Number is 01704-533133.

  Annie22 11:08 15 Feb 2007

Yes I will do that - thanks but if as K.D states she is not having problems with them what will Trading Standards do to help me? Are there more people out there who have tried to cancel and had the same response?

  Stuartli 11:31 16 Feb 2007

If you read through the earlier thread links referred to above, you will soon get the picture...:-)

  dms05 12:44 16 Feb 2007

The advice on NOT taking out insurance cover is the best. My Skybox failed so I called Sky and said 'Box failed, cancel contract'. They fell over backwards to replace the faulty equipment and keep the contract going - so why do you need insurance when Sky do it for free?

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