The Mystery of Ink Cartridges!!

  spuds 13:58 16 Feb 2007

I realise this subject as been aired on many occasions, and after being informed that 'Consumer Watchdogs' were looking into the matter, I was wondering if anyone as the found answers yet, or whether the 'watchdogs' after great debating have found a solution!.

Whats brought this up, well I will tell you. I recently purchased an HP 3180 printer, and the cartridges supplied with the printer at time of purchase are getting to the point of possible replacement.So looking for a bargain price, I have conducted a number of enquiries for replacements. These enquiries have been via the internet and local telephone contacts for refill, compatibles or originals, using many supply routes and sources.

HP have stated that the printer requires a black 11ml cartridge and a 7ml tri-colour cartridge. With this information I found the different prices quoted amazing. New black originals £9.00 to £16.99. New tri-colour originals £10.00 to £21.99. Compatibles seem to vary between £9.00 to £12.99 for both products. Franchisee on-site outlet refills seem to be in the £9.00 to £12.00 price range (even after the up to 60% lower price promo advert).

Asking whether the cartridge capacities can be increased to a large capacity level, only one retailer who sold both originals and also did on-site while-you-wait refills, stated that each cartridge could be increased by about 50%.He was prepared to do this for £10.00 per black and £12.00 per tri-colour.The others stated this could not be done, except one other retailer, who suggested that it might be possible, once he as checked the cartridges.

Doe's all this really make any sense, when I can refill cartridges for my Lexmark X5150 for about 50 pence a refill using JR or InkTec refill kits.Going on the highest priced cartridges, it would make more sense to throw this one owner, once used printer away, or give it to a third world country, and let their recycling enthusiasm take over.

  spuds 14:25 17 Feb 2007


  grumpygramp 14:53 17 Feb 2007 supplies me with 6 cartridges for my Epson R200 photo printer for £11.99p I print a lot of photo`s for all members of the family .Provided I use Genuine Epson Photo paper the Prints come out in perfect colour .

  GaT7 16:47 17 Feb 2007

spuds, could you please provide links to the sites that do the cheaper versions of the HP 3180 inks.

My neighbour purchased one recently & will need to buy replacements soon. Ta, G

  spuds 17:01 17 Feb 2007


The cheapest that I found was 7dayshop click here their originals were as cheap as compatibles. Places like Cartridge World were no better on pricing, in fact they were dearer in some cases.

Our local independent refiller stated that he could increase the cartridge capacity's, and he was going to charge £10.00 for the 338 (black) and £12.00 for the 343 (tri-colour).

  GaT7 17:38 17 Feb 2007

Thanks very much spuds : )) G

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