My unpleasant experiences with Novatech

  2laptops 13:32 29 Sep 2009

I purchased an X80r notebook from Novatech on 30.06.08. All was fine for the first week, but then the fan broke and I was offered a replacement machine, all good, except that I had purchased an alternative hard drive at time of purchasing the notebook, and expected my 250 GB hard drive to be put into the new machine, which they grudgingly did for me.

Throughout I struggled to try and discover the reason why my dvds would not play correctly, I imagined that I had the wrong software, or that some setting was wrong somewhere, however, this was not the case, I eventually identified that the problem lay in the optical drive somehow, and took the notebook back to the store to make my point to the staff. At this point, it was suggested, by the less than knowledgeable staff member, that I should try reinstalling XP, which I refused to do as I knew that this was NOT the problem. They finally exchanged the optical drive for me, and sadly this did not solve the problem as we had expected, so it was sent off for investigation.

The notebook was not received back at my local store at the expected time, they had failed to put it on the van! The store manager was very apologetic, and delivered it to me himself, when it did finally return. They had changed the optical drive a further twice before finally identifying that the fault lay in the Bios, which they had fixed for me, by this time it was towards the end of August 2008.

In November '08, the clock started to lose time, and needed to have the Cmos battery replaced, which could only be done by sending the machine off again.

The machine was returned, but the battery had not been changed, the engineers had run some tests on it, pronouncing it to be fine, the tests having been run whilst notebook was running on MAINS power! The store manager was, once again, very apologetic, and returned the notebook yet again, with strict instructions to replace the battery this time.

They did replace the battery and my machine was returned to me complete with a gash in the LCD screen.

At this point in time I became very angry and emailed customer service about this shoddy treatment. I DID receive another replacement notebook, but never received an actual reply to my email.

5 months later I had cause to try to contact their Customer Services once again, and I have never had a reply to any of my 3 emails. I have managed to fix the problem myself, but this is not the point.

I am not the only one who has experienced such problems with them either, a friend has also had difficulty with a Novatech notebook, which has had most of it's 'guts' replaced in the short time that he has had the machine, and now they say it needs a new Motherboard, which will involve sending his notebook to China (apparently)!

  Chris the Ancient 15:00 29 Sep 2009

It is distressing to see that you have had a 'bad time' with Novatech. This is unusual for them. However, reading between the lines a bit, they did accept that their service had been less than perfect and went that bit extra to keep you happy. That I would expect from them.

You do seem to have drawn a bit of a short straw in that reliability was not up to their usual standards and the did replace the machine. Perhaps they didn't reply to emails in order to avoid a confrontation?

I have had friends that are extremely happy with Novatech. More than have been unhappy.

I have been using Novatech virtually since they started down in Hampshire and have had many transactions (including my latest laptop and desktop computers) - all without difficulty. In all the years I have been using then, the only faults I have had were a duff usb lead (replaced without question) and a usb multiport which died after about nine months (and they popped a new one - better quality - immediately by 1st class post and without wanting the old one back).

If do a search through the forum, there are far more bouquets than brickbats. You seem to have been an isolated unlucky customer who they have done their best to keep happy.

And no... I don't work for them.

  2laptops 15:13 29 Sep 2009

I agree that I do seem to have been terribly unlucky in this instance, and I agree that Novatech are, on the whole, probably a reliable company.

I do not think that confrontation was the reason for non reply to my emails, however, I do not send aggressively phrased emails as they serve no purpose in the long run.

I agree that there do seem to be far more happy customers, than unhappy ones, I just wanted to share my experiences on here, as it alleviates the aggrieved feeling :)

  Chris the Ancient 15:30 29 Sep 2009

To use an psychology phrase I learned many years ago, perhaps Novatech were worried that THEY might want to indulge in 'defensive aggression'? I can't really imagine it; but perhaps they felt that there was little to gain - for either party - to start a series of 'ping-pong' emails.

  Chris the Ancient 15:32 29 Sep 2009

And, of course, without sounding like some sort of 'do-gooder', it does help to let it let other people know that you aren't happy.

(Now sit down, have a cup of tea and tell me how you feel about that ;-)) )

  2laptops 21:57 01 Oct 2009

Had the tea, and now just have to tell you that I feel real BAD :(

My son's Novatech laptop has just decided to lose it's wireless capabilities!


So say you!

I would be interested to know what Novatech systems you actually own Chris The Ancient? Maybe I should invest in the same, perhaps they would function correctly.

  OTT_Buzzard 23:25 01 Oct 2009

I've never bought a laptop from Novatech so can't comment on the quality of them, but i have used them for many years for components, even though they are not always the cheapest.

What i can say though, is that I have in the past needed to send defective parts back to them and have never had an issue with it (except when there was a change in my account manager, but i'll let that go!).

I'd like to think that you're just a statistical anomoly, but if one things for sure, when you get one person complaining about a company in a public forum, more appear fairly quickly if it's a common issue....

  Chris the Ancient 08:27 02 Oct 2009

The laptop is one I bought about two years ago and I don't know that it is available any more (says Model M66SE on the label on the bottom).

The desktop I bought earlier this year is the Icon 7750. Not their 'top' machines, admittedly, but it does everything I even need it to do with MS Office and the internet (I'm not into gaming or 'powerful' stuff).

Previous machines are a bit in the past. But never had any problems there.

  2laptops 11:06 02 Oct 2009

Thanks for your comments OTT_Buzzard, I guess I am just terribly unlucky.

Thanks Chris the Ancient, for your reply, I think you are right about the laptop, it is one of their older models.

I have a suspicion that my boy's laptop is having connectivity issues due to some HP software that is installed on it, the updater seems to be causing the wireless to crash....! I am hoping that this is all it is.

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