My Tiscali speed just been upped...

  symphony 20:19 16 Jan 2008

It appears the boost in speed has arrived. My connection went off, I was immediately able to reconnect and it's now at 6.8 mbps (was 2.2).

My modem won't be up to it without the upgrade. I checked the Thompson website and there are instructions on how to upgrade the 330 modem but I can't understand them! I would post a link but I don't know how to do that either.

  pchelper001 20:41 16 Jan 2008

if you are using vista then download the update here click here

Save it to downloads

unplug your modem via usb

go to add or remove programs and uninstall the stuff for the modem currently installed

then run the new driver that you just downloaded

then plug in the usb modem when the installer asks.

  symphony 21:25 16 Jan 2008

Hi pchelper001

I'm on XP, I downloaded the appropriate update (I hope!)
It says you then need to change the 33o to support higher speeds and this is done in 2 steps:

1) Change driver settings from BULK to ISO (I managed that!)
2) (and this is where I'm stuck) adapt the Windows TCP/IP received windows (RWIN) size to allow for the higher rate download. These changes are different for each OS version. (Mine is XP- no further instruction is given)
I don't understand the above step at all.
Can anyone help please?

  pchelper001 10:38 17 Jan 2008

take a look at this page, it may help a lot!

click here

any more probs, just come back anytime.

  SeanUK 15:23 17 Jan 2008


Did you have to switch packages manually?

They sent me a similar letter 'free upgrade coming soon' etc, but I'm confused if they'll do it automatically or if I'll have to renew my contract with them.

Cheers for any info

  symphony 23:04 17 Jan 2008

Hey you too!Sean it just happened, i did nothing. i lost connection and on reconnecting, the taskbar indicated a lot more speed. Now I can watch online video without constant annoying stops and starts of video and audio. i haven't done a 'real' speed check yet but as I say, there's been a considerable improvement in using video such as youtube.

  Miked1 12:33 18 Jan 2008

They probably shifted you on to their unbundled platform, which is off BT's own network. either that or you're very lucky, personally I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole after reading ISPreview's complaints history page.

click here

  symphony 19:00 18 Jan 2008

pc helper- thanks, even that's over my head right now, I'll give it some more time later to see if I can digest it.
Miked1-We've had no probs with them whatsoever so far, been with 'em approx 3 years. Phoned their customer services recently to order a new ADSL filter and drivers for the new comp. They turned up trumps on all fronts. Filter and driver came in three days, no charge.
Previously we'd been with BT and AO Hell, both of whom were a disgrace to be frank.
Tiscali is still fine with us after all this time and long may it continue to be the case. 'cos it ain't 9yet) broken we aren't fixing it! We have a telephone package too and we get free evening calls and broadband for 20 pounds.

  Stuartli 23:50 18 Jan 2008

>>We have a telephone package too and we get free evening calls and broadband for 20 pounds.>>

With TalkTalk you could have had AnyTime local and national calls, plus AnyTime international calls to more than 30 countries along with line rental and "up to 8MB" broadband, for the same price...:-)

  symphony 16:56 19 Jan 2008

Sounds good, no debating that! Sticking with it for now, I shudder at the potential headaches and hassles involved in changing!

  Armchair 19:40 21 Jan 2008

Logged on tonight, and my speed has increased from 2.2Mbps to 7.6Mbps. Still using the same old Speedtouch modem as originally supplied by Tiscali, and I'm guessing that this is the fastest my line can handle. Going to try a few downloads now.

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