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  Forum Member2 21:01 11 Apr 2008

Dear All,

Have a bit of a problem that I hope you can help me with. I brought Imation 100CD-R on a spindle holder from It arrived but the spindle was broken and 3CD-R were in pieces. I did not drop or throw the parcel and it was not even in a cardboard box. It was wrapped in plastic I've sent it back to them,but I'm scared they will blame me

does anybody know my rights?

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  GaT7 21:17 11 Apr 2008

I reckon they'll believe you. Though obvious, did you include a written note with the reason for return?

Next time I suggest you first email their support with the problem. They usually reply with an RMA number & you take it from there. G

P.S. On second thoughts, if it's only 3 broken next time just ask me nicely & I'll send you 3x CD-Rs (not Imation though) for free :-)

  spuds 22:02 11 Apr 2008

Your rights click here

As Crossbow7 stated, you should have notified Amazon before you sent the item back. Amazon would have dealt with this in an amicable way.

I don't know what you paid for the spindle, but I normally pay very little for 100, and in a case of three broken ones (or coasters) I would have put it down to experience, it would have been perhaps cheaper and more convenient.

  MAT ALAN 22:03 11 Apr 2008

Cheapest on amazon including P/P £13:10 which equates to 13 pence each,i know there are principles involved but sometimes, is it really worth the hassle of sending them back!!!

  Forum Member2 22:08 11 Apr 2008

I have notified Amazon before sending it , I went to my account and then clicked on the order reference and hit return I typed the reason and it printed off a label and barcode and i followed the instructions. I would of kept it but the base of the spindle got attached from the rod and the plastic that it normally around the bottom was undone, they sent my a product if bad condition that is why I sent it back. I did not pay for postage. The best thing I found was if you want a replacement from them you have to pay for that even before they recieve the broken goods.

Thank you all for your help, i will keep you posted on this matter until the very end

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  Pamy 22:09 11 Apr 2008

Did you not see the state of them through the plastic when the delivery driver handed them to you? and pointed it out to him/her

  Forum Member2 22:10 11 Apr 2008

I was at school when they where delivered and the person at home, the plastic was grey do unless you opened it you could not see the damage

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  Forum Member2 22:20 11 Apr 2008

This is a newer version of my post above

I was at school when they where delivered and the person at home recived it , the plastic was grey so unless you would have opened it you could not seen the damage

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  Pamy 22:30 11 Apr 2008

Hope they signed for it as "Unchecked", this will probably not matter in this case but something to remember in future

  Forum Member2 22:31 11 Apr 2008

I am sorry but i didn't really understand

Hope they signed for it as "Unchecked",

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  Pamy 22:41 11 Apr 2008

usually when a parcell is delivered the driver asks you to sign for it, (sometimes they will not leave it without a signature) When you sign for it on their machine, always write "Unchecked" as you will find that most times you are signing to say it was delivered in good condition.

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