My Problems with Mesh

  GraemeD 10:08 05 Jul 2003

I ordered a custom built computer on 25th May via Meshs Web Page. The money, £1253.73, was taken from my bank account on 27th May. I received confirmation on 28th May. Estimated Date of Despatch is 10th June.

The confirmation clearly states 'Any Despatch delay will be notified to Clients'.

I wait until 13th June before sending an E-Mail requesting 'Where is my computer ?', I receive No Reply ! On 18th June I finally decided to ring Mesh. After complaining about lack of communication, I an promised delivery on 21st June. On 21st June at 1.30 pm I lose patience and again ring Mesh. I am told that my computer is not even built yet !

In disgust, I cancel my order. Later that day, I E-Mail Mesh to confirm the cancellation. 23rd June I receive a phone call from Mesh requesting my confirmation of the cancellation. I confirm the cancellation, I am promised a full refund in 5 working days (I am not happy, because they took my money in 2, but accept).

On 28th June, Meshs Courier attempts to deliver my computer, this I don't accept. (I believe that, since they have my money, Mesh think I will accept the computer). I ring Mesh and speak to the same person who initially cancelled my order, he confirms that he had cancelled the order when I requested it. 30th June, I still haven't received my money, I ring Mesh again. A different person promises to look at my account and get back to me. She never does !

1st July, I receive my first communication from Mesh, an E-Mail. It's very short, contains no apology, it states bluntly - when the computer arrives back at the factory, it will recieve a full inspection, if it is full working order then I will receive a refund, 5-7 working days. Since I have never even seen the computer, why should its working condition have anything to do with me ?

5th July, I still haven't received a refund. I have never received such awful service from any company. I recomend no-one buy computers from Mesh.

(Mesh - my order number is 4990251).

  GraemeD 10:34 05 Jul 2003

Mesh have had my money for roughly six weeks, its earning interest for them (not a lot I admit) and I have been very inconvienienced is there anything I can do legally ?

  MESH Response 11:24 05 Jul 2003

Thank you for supplying your order number.

We apologise for the delay experienced.

We will urgently look into the reasons for the delay and hope to contact you on Monday to inform you the credit has taken place.

It would appear that the email to you and the subsequent delay in the credit, bearing in mind the circumstances, was totally inappropriate.

Again please accept our apologies.

Regards - MESH Response

  fitfella29 15:47 05 Jul 2003

why cant mesh reply as quickly to phone calls as they do on here?

there a joke treating a customer like that!

  rickf 16:34 05 Jul 2003

Just look at the posts concerning Mesh/Mess recently.

  GraemeD 23:36 05 Jul 2003

I got a quote from Evesham today ! Better Spec, reasonable price. I've heard nothing Bad about them & they've a shop round the corner (Croydon). I'll let you know how I get on !

  GraemeD 21:12 06 Jul 2003

On PCAdvisor Advice.....I can't see anything better than the Systemax Inspire 3152, from Simply & its off the shelf.......
Wish Me Luck........

  GraemeD 22:12 08 Jul 2003

Mesh Response have done everything they promised ! I received a full refund today !
.....but I don't think I'll ever consider buying a computer from Mesh , after what I've been through......

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