My number one object of desire......

  Forum Editor 23:25 07 Jun 2005

Two years in the making, is finally available in the UK.

click here to see it.

  Pooke 00:19 08 Jun 2005

I thought it would have been a great big yacht FE?

Interesting gadget but you can get better specs in a laptop for half the price. I'd wait til it becomes cheaper and they develop it more.

  Tim1964 00:19 08 Jun 2005

I liked the
"Please note - this unit comes complete with Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition"
in bold and red as if it were some kind of warning!!

  wiz-king 05:26 08 Jun 2005

Dont tell Kate B, it will be on her list asap. I dont like the keyboard layout - I would have to retrain my fingers, more typos than usual.

  wee eddie 07:22 08 Jun 2005

easier on the pocket stitches.

Otherwise, I agree with you. Totally.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 09:39 08 Jun 2005

Surely not your number one. That must be the wife? ;-)

  961 11:15 08 Jun 2005

No...the garden pond

(Bit of a fanatic, we hear)

  iambeavis 14:03 08 Jun 2005

I think I'll stick to salivating over the "Nikon D2X".

  Stuartli 14:46 08 Jun 2005

To be honest I can think of lots of more exciting things on which to spend a sum of this magnitude...:-)

But then again, unlike the FE and others, I don't require to have use of a laptop or similar whilst away from home.

  Forum Editor 17:17 08 Jun 2005

is that it's a fully-fledged computer, yet it's small enough to slip into a (reasonably-sized) pocket. Ideal for me, I could travel even lighter than I do at present.

I used to have a Toshiba Libretto, and it was a perfect companion. Unfortunately the day came when it just wasn't sufficiently specified, ands it had to go.

I had a Psion MX for a while, and it was great, but it wasn't a computer in the Windows sense of the word. Now I have a laptop and a brand-new HP PDA. I'm not complaining but...........

Ah well, Christmas will come around soon enough, and maybe the price will have dropped a bit by then.

  TomJerry 17:21 08 Jun 2005

It is a great tool for those IT expert who need to do a lot of powerpoint presentation.

Shirtpocket has better price click here

You can add it function by installing ritepen (an great hardwritting recognition) click here

NEC produced a 12" tablet PC only 0.8kg. This is my object of desire, but cannot find any English version.

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