My nonexistent acer laptop.

  juniorsplat 14:32 14 Jan 2007

I bought a laptop from shopacer in october and was told shortly after that it had faliled various tests several times and would I like a different one with slightly more hard drive space but no other change for about £16 more. I said yes. It arrived as said but did not work - When I turned it on the screen was just white with no writing or anything. I phoned them up and they told me that I had to send it back and they would mend it or give me a new one. He gave me all the details that I needed and I sent it back. It was supposed to take 3 days. This was october. It is still there. It arrived but I had been given the wrong details and so they did not know where it was. Eventually they found it and It has been "under repair" for weeks. If this had been a Christmas present then It would have been even more of a disaster, but fortunately it was not. It would be nice to think that I will get it before the end of March to qualify for a free upgrade to Windows Vista Home Premium Edition but I doubt it. Why is it that some people buy lots of things of the internet and they all run very smoothly, yet people like me only buy a few things off the internet and all of them go wrong? Its incredibly irritating. Our phone bill suffers as well.
Please help if possible!

  Forum Editor 14:41 14 Jan 2007

from October until January for a computer to be repaired is totally unreasonable, and you should immediately tell Acer that you either want a brand new machine or a full refund, so you can buy elsewhere.

Current consumer legislation states that a machine must be repeaired and returned to you within a 'reasonable' period, and 12 weeks is not reasonable in the circumstances. Tell them that, and push for a replacement or a refund. Do it in writing, send it by special delivery (not recorded), and give them 7 days to respond.

  juniorsplat 14:44 14 Jan 2007

Thanks for the advice. I shall do it as soon as I can.

  spuds 14:50 14 Jan 2007

If you paid by credit card, then ask your credit card provider to assist in resolving the matter (they may/will have more leverage and commercial pressure than yourself).

Acer products are very good, but when they go wrong, their service and repair providers can be very troublesome. Do a Google search or even a search within this forum, and see what other peoples remarks and comments are!.

  spuds 14:54 14 Jan 2007

Should have mentioned Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, makes the credit card company or computer loan finance company have 'Equal Liability' in resolving problems.

  juniorsplat 14:57 14 Jan 2007

I'll See what I can do. Thanks very much.

  juniorsplat 14:58 14 Jan 2007

When you say credit card company, do you mean debit card as well?

  spuds 15:13 14 Jan 2007

Debit cards are not usually covered by the Consumer Credit Act, but if the card as a Visa Logo, then check with your provider as Visa International may have certain agreements and arrangements.

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