My new PC from Daevinity

  robertmonkford 13:17 12 Dec 2010

Recently I had to purchase a new PC since my old one was becoming too slow to use and was fast becoming unreliable. I normally use my PC for everything from music, webbrowsing, social networking, movies and gaming; therefore I needed a computer that could multi-task. I started looking to various forums, websites, reviews etc for a custom PC builder. I stumbled upon a small UK company who were offering custom hand built PC's without the inflated price tag. Their site offered some good prices, but I wanted to sound them out as I'd never heard of them before so I called them up - unfortunately it was a little after 6pm so there was no answer. Imagine my surprise then to get a call back the following day from them to see how they could help. We spoke for about 15 minutes or so about what I was interested in using the machine for, any particular preferences for brands etc as they only used branded components, and of course price. The 5 quotes they provided were predominantly under my budget with only a couple of exceptions; they then offered to email me detailed specifications per quotation which I accepted. I emailed them to ask a few more questions and was called back the same day by the owner of the company to answer my questions. He answered all of my questions and even notified me that my hard drive would be upgraded to 1TB free of charge, plus if their supplier passed on any savings to them that he'd apply them to my order!

With that, I placed my order; 4 days later I received my machine and it's awesome. It is exactly what I wanted and I didn't spend a fortune to get it, even the courier was fantastic. The customer service was faultless, pre and post sale service was friendly and professional, and the system is perfect. I'll definitely be using them again and I highly recommend them.

  OTT_B 13:34 12 Dec 2010

My spam sensor is firing....

  GaT7 13:45 12 Dec 2010

Hmmm, first & only post by robertmonkford in this forum click here.

OTT_B, I think you're right. G

  robertmonkford 13:54 12 Dec 2010

Is this not a consumer forum to share good and bad experiences of companies, products and related topics of computers? That's all I am doing.

I've bought PC's from PC world, Comet, Dell and Curry's; never have they made me feel like I mattered, like my custom was important, nor taken the time to actually take my needs into account when giving advice. This company did all of that and more.

In my personal opinion, I felt valued and appreciated. They delivered exactly what they said and exactly what I wanted. That's not spam. That's good customer service.

People focus on the negative experiences when reviewing a company (generally), so I thought I'd write a great one about this company. That's not spam, it's good customer feedback.

I don't work for them, I don't know anyone that does work for them and my review was not made at their request either.

This is terrible.....I have a great shopping experience with a small company, I try to share it in the appropriate place and someone labels it spam. Am I only supposed to write bad things then? Good things happen to...

  robertmonkford 13:57 12 Dec 2010

"First and only post.....". Am I supposed to post in lots of categories then?

I was looking for a forum that appeared friendly and helpful. The consumerwatch category appeared to be the best place to post my experience. With problems like this, I can see why few people bother to share good experiences. Thanks for making me feel welcome....

  GaT7 14:40 12 Dec 2010

Well, if you are indeed genuine, you have my apologies.

It just seemed odd for someone to post for the very first time at the PCA forums in any category, & about one company with nothing but lavish praise.

You have to see it from our angle as well to realise that it very much looked like spam by us forum regulars. And don't take it personally - anybody else with a similar first post would have had us similarly suspicious. G

  GaT7 14:44 12 Dec 2010

A screenshot of the Google search showing that this was your first & only thread at the PCA forums at this time click here. G

  robertmonkford 14:48 12 Dec 2010

Thanks for your clarification and the reason for the response of yourself and the other poster.

It is indeed strange to see anyone lavish praise on customer service / product quality etc in any post whether first or otherwise. In that respect, yes, my post could be viewed as dubious. I do however assure you, I am, 100% genuine.

I would like to say thank you though for responding to my concern - felt very unfriendly but I think your point and your intention to get shot of spammers is well made....I'm not a fan of spammers myself.

  Jameslayer 15:01 12 Dec 2010

Have you got a link to them please.

  GaT7 15:03 12 Dec 2010

Jameslayer click here. G

  HondaMan 15:07 12 Dec 2010

Name & Registered Office:
Company No. 07327095

Status: Active
Date of Incorporation: 27/07/2010

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