Is my Motherboard up to the job?

  Dee.... 20:29 02 Dec 2004

I was hoping someone could give me a bit of advice.

My system:
1Gb PC2700 ram
80gb HD
Motherboard is a L7VMM2:
"Socket A board that supports AMD® K7 processor up to 266/200MHz FSB
462 pin Socket A supports the AMD® K7 processors
Full series of Athlon XP / Athlon / Duron
3 PCI slots, 1 AGP slot, 1 CNR slot"

My system currently has no external graphics card.
1) Would this MOBO support a 9800 pro? I have searched the Net but cannot find a straight answer.
2) If it would not support a 9800 pro would it be OK for a 9600XT?
3) Could I upgrade the processor to a Amd 3000+ or 3200+, without having to change the motherboard?
4) Is it easy enough to install a Gfx card, DVD rewriter and soundcard myself?

I was going to spend a fortune on a MESH system, but I am hoping a few upgrades to my current system should do the job in the meantime. It all depends on the answers to my above questions if I buy a new system or go for an upgrade. I want to be able to play Pro Evo 4, HL2, DOOM 3 and Far Cry. I am using a Relisys TFT also.

Many thanks

  wjrt 22:56 02 Dec 2004

apparently you are at present using max speed processor ie 2400. the board also is AGPx4 and most higher grade graphics cards are AGPx8 so would have to check if compatible with AGPx4

  TomJerry 23:41 02 Dec 2004

are all you need. maybe a big HDD as well.

AS for 9800Pro, you may need to check if you have enough pwer from PSU

you can get a motherboard & CPU kit from or

Motherboard Bundle - AMD Athlon XP Barton 3000, Heatsink & Fan, 512MB 400MHz DDR RAM, Asus A7N8X Deluxe Motherboard £222.07 click here

Athlon64 3000/512Mb DDR / Motherboard Kit £217.85 click here

  TomJerry 23:56 02 Dec 2004

from, £245 (case, PSU, motherboard and CPU)

Shuttle SN45G V2 Mini Aluminium Barebone system for AMD Socket A, LAN, USB2, Firewire, RAID, 6ch.

Audio. (BARSHUSN45G)
AMD Athlon XP 3200 (400MHz) oem Barton Core (CPUXP.3200*)

G-card £135 from PowerColor Radeon 9800 PRO 128MB DDR AGP, ATI 9800PRO, DVI-I, TV-Out, Retail

maybe a cool fast LCD screen, £210 from 17" ViewSonic VX715 16ms TFT DVI Black/Silver 3yrs onsite

maybe a duallayer dVD writer £38.48 from
Samsung TS-H552B Dual Layer 16x DVD +/-R/RW Beige inc Software

£550 in total if yo do not buy new HDD

very cool looking system

  hugh-265156 02:19 03 Dec 2004

'a new motherboard, a new CPU and new G-card
are all you need'

sorry but this is not true TomJerry.

yes Dee.... your motherboard and your current specs above are ok. stick a radeon 9800pro in your agp slot and you will be able to play doom3 and far cry and half life2 etc. no problems at all.

ps. agp x8 cards will work just fine at x4 speed if thats all your mobos agp slot supports as its backwards compatable click here i doubt you will even notice any difference in games at x4 speed.

  Dee.... 03:06 03 Dec 2004

Guys, many thanks for the replies. I will have to get my "thinking cap" on and decide what to do. I will have to make my mind up soon to ensure everything is sorted for Christmas!! Thanks again.

  Dee.... 04:09 03 Dec 2004

Back again....I had a look on the Micro Direct website and I found the following components:

Motherboard - Asus K8VSE Deluxe - £72
Processor - AMD64 3400+ - £147
HD - Maxtor 160gb S-ATA - £57
DVD rewriter - NEC ND3500A - £42
GFX - Point of view 6800GT (inc DOOM3) - £282
Total: £600

Would the 1gb of pc2700 I have be OK to use? I heard there is not a massive difference in PC2700 & PC3200.

Do you think these components are OK? Or would any of you recommend me changing anything? Finally, as I have said, I have a 80gb IDE HD already in my PC, would it be OK to add a S-ATA HD along side this, or would I need to remove my old HD if I wanted to include a new S-ATA? I really appreciate any help that anyone can give me.


  Dee.... 05:02 03 Dec 2004

Just read some advice on a music forum. Do you think I would be better off going for a Asus A8V deluxe SKT 939 (£77) and the 3500+ SKT 939 (£179) instead? The small amount of extra £ would be better in the long run because it would be easier upgraded in the future. Thanks.

  Dee.... 05:06 03 Dec 2004

Sorry, its too late at night and my eyes are hanging out!! For £10 more you can get the AMD64 3500+ winchester. Would I be wise to try to install these components myself or should I order them and get a local PC shop to do it (they charge around £70 to install and test). That really is the end of all the questions now, and thanks again for any advice.

  gobi 23:13 03 Dec 2004

You could follow huggyg71 advice for just playing the game (which would be satisfying enough for most). But, if you want to maximise the game experience in more depth and detail graphics, it would always be good to get AGP8x gfx. This article would give an insight of how AGP speed would affect you click here. Depending on your budget, you could keep your existing cpu and just upgrade to a AGP8X supportable mobo (Ebuyer got a cheap PCChip mobo for GBP19.99 or an nforce2 mobo for GBP30)and a faster RAM. But, if you really got a budget for more (you sounds like really wanna a new rig), the MicroDirect components that you are looking at is good enough. If your current Hard Drive is still ok, there is no need to get a SATA HD. There are no significant speed benefit unless you are going for a Raptor SATA drive. K8V and 3500+ is a socket 754 setup. Personally, I don't think it would give you much difference with socket 939 equivalent CPU in term of playing game and it is cheaper. But, it is limited in its future upgradeability. You could get a 9800 pro Radeon instead and use the saving to get a PC3200 RAM to capitalize the CPU and mobo capability. Finally, but I think the most important thing is you have to check whether your current power supply is able to support the extra juice needed for your new setup. I would recommend you get at least a 400W PSU for the job. Yes, you could do the assembling yourself and there is a lot of guide out there to help you. You could always post back here if yout any problem.

  Dee.... 20:55 05 Dec 2004

Thanks very much for the advice mate...I appreciate it.

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