My Mesh Problem Re-Posted

  Amberlodge 14:02 21 Sep 2006

Due to my stupidity, I am re-podting my thread about my problem with Mesh Computers without my address details.

SO_26956 Fault No Recorded Sound - No Stereo Mix Option


Here is the full background to my problem

I needed a new laptop and shopped around in PC Advisor as I'm a subscriber.

I was very impressed with Asus system with its built in webcam so I did some further checking and found Mesh Computers huge ad

I wanted a particular laptop to cover what I needed so I rang sales. I explained that I am a bed-bound paraplegic
flat on my back 24/7 and that the system would get a lot of use as I use it every day until midnight sometimes.

I asked for the following:

Printer Port
1gig Ram
SD Reader
1.3 megapixel WebCam
80gb Hard Drive

I told sales that my main area of interest was multimedia

I was offered the current special at the time which was a A6R Pro (A6RP-005P) but was told it had no Bluetooth

I asked if it could be fitted internally and was told that it could. So the order was placed and payment made. Delivery was to be Monday the 24th July 2006 SO_26956

A few days later I received 2 Confirmation Of Order

On the first I found out that they were not fitting an internal Bluetooth card as expected but had charged me for a Belkin Adaptor. Worse that that the second one showed that the Asus had Bluetooth installed as standard, which I had argued in the first place.

The Belkin was returned

The delivery date came and went still no Asus eventually I took delivery on the 2nd August after it being dispatched on the 28th July 2006.

Wow what a system I had bought...I was very happy for a few days until I tried to record audio from the system and found I could not select Stereo Mix as there was not an option to do this. There was only Line In and Mic
I was horrified as the main use for my system is multimedia. I have never know a system not be able to use the standard Windows XP accessory to record sound.

I contacted Mesh numerous times by email No Response ever. I phones many times about returning the computer after all it was not even 7 days old and the agreement said it could be returned within 7 days if not satisfied. I was told it would have to be checked by Asus in case it was a faulty system... I argued that it was within the 7 days so it could be returned anyway. Leave it with me and I'll phone back to arrange collection after I have had a word with my supervisor. Needless to say I am still waiting.

Ok I thought I will see what RealTek and Asus have to say about the problem. RealTek pointed me to driver updates which made no difference. Finally they told me that the problem was a hardware limitation on my system.

After Support tickets and emails to Asus I finally contacted Ravinder Sander (Ricky) who was very helpful. He wanted to confirm my comments for himself and told me that they would collect my Asus and check the problem
I was assured that it woukd be sorted even if it meant changing the motherboard. Ricky confirmed that the problem was a hardware limitation and as such the machine was not faulty. I am awaiting its return

I have been told that a report has been sent to Mesh but have yet to hear from them about anything including the return for refund.

I reported within seven days and should have been given a refund without having to jump through the hoops.

I request a full refund

  Amberlodge 14:18 21 Sep 2006

Hi Davey

I wanted to thank you for looking into my problem.

I have sent you copies of emails I sent and requests for a refund.


Amber Lodge Nursing Home

  Amberlodge 16:10 21 Sep 2006

Dear Mr Simpson,

I have requested further information from your contact at Asus. From what you wrote on the forum, am I correct in thinking that you do not have any of your earlier emails to us? If I file for a refund under DSR I will need to provide documentation with regards to a request put to us within those first 7 days. At the moment, with all of the emails you have provided and our own records the earliest date such a request was made appears to be just under a month after the goods were delivered.

A refund could be provided under SoGA, Sales of Goods Act, if a fault was found but I am still unsure that what you describe is a fault. From what I understand, you are trying to play a sound using one program whilst being able to record it into another, which apart from being a rather old method of doing such a thing, is reminiscent of a limitation of a half duplex sound chip. The correct method for conversion between two sound types would be to use audio file conversion software which would not have a problem with a half duplex sound chip. Given that a half duplex sound chip is more than capable of covering an reasonable expectation multimedia capabilities it would be difficult for me to justify a refund by stating that you requested a Multimedia capable system, as essentially you have been supplied exactly that.

I am still waiting for the further information and hope that when that arrives it will provide me with justification for requesting a refund under the circumstances. Either way, once I receive it I will let you know.

Davey Whyte
Technical Services Administrator
Mesh Computers

  Amberlodge 16:12 21 Sep 2006

Hello Davey

First let me thank you for helping me.

I am sorry I do not earlier emails. but in any event the initial refund requests were made by phone. I think it was Tony I spoke to. Please bear in mind that there were many phonecalls and to find out what was happening while I waited to hear about a refund withing the first seven days, but never any positive response back. I feel they were trying to make me wait so the refund period would pass.

I was concerned at the time ticking on whilst I was given the run around. Then I was told that the fault would have to be verified.

Let me clarify the fault. I am not able to record any sound internally produced on the notebook. I have download alternative programs but still not able to record any sound.

My argument is that the machine is not fit for the purpose intended as I specifically told your sales it was to be used for MultiMedia.and wont' record sound.

The source of the problem is that the properties will not let you select Stereo Mix as the source. Much like selecting line in for external sound input.

Another arguement is that surely with Windows XP installed as standard, you should be able to use the Accessories provided as standard such as the Sound Recorder.

Lastly there is a hardware limitation that was never reported to me. This in itself should be a valid reason for its return.

The playing sound with one program and recording on another was meant as an example so you could see the problem I am complaining about.

You simply cannot record sound full stop

This has been verified by Ravinder Sander at Asus and reported as an hardware limitation...

I will be posting all emails on PC Advisor Forum along with my replies.

You should have no problem refunding on the grounds of Sale Of Goods Act as the MultiMedia system will not record sound.


Paul Simpson
Amber Lodge Nursing Home

  Forum Editor 18:15 21 Sep 2006

on this subject because Amberlodge had inadvertantly included his full name, address, and telephone number - something it isn't wise to do in a public web forum.

I emailed Amberlodge and explained that to maintain continuity I had sent a copy of the thread text to Davey at Mesh, and as you can see, everything's back online again.

Over to you, Davey and Amberlodge, but before I finish, perhaps I could ask that you don't post "all emails on PC Advisor Forum along with my replies" Amberlodge, it's not necessary to do that. Just let us all know how things work out - we don't need (or want) to see the various emails that go back and forth between you and Mesh.

  Amberlodge 18:49 25 Sep 2006

How long should I wait to hear back about this as I have waited weeks before Davey started to look into it.

I feel so useless and fed up


  MESH Support 09:38 26 Sep 2006

Hi Amberlodge,

Could you possibly speak to your contact at Asus and ask him to email me the information that he was suspposedly emailing us?

I've sent three emails now, and received 3 read receipts but no reply.


  Amberlodge 14:45 26 Sep 2006

Hi Davey,

I too have been sending email requests to see if he has sent you further information.

I phoned today and although I was waiting to talk to Ricky and tried to hang on they just cut me off.

I am disturbed that I have tried to do everything by the book even down to seeking advise at Mesh before ordering my Notebook.

I am a bed-bound paraplegic and am flat on my back 24/7.. My laptop is everything to me and is how I spend my day every day. Please sort something as soon as possible as I am getting so depressed.


Paul Simpson
Amber Lodge Nursing Home

  def90csw 15:38 26 Sep 2006

I really do hope that Amberlodge & Mesh (Davey) can sort this out quickly and to an ending that is seen to be fair to both parties. If not just for good PR on Mesh's part.

  Input Overload 22:40 26 Sep 2006

def90csw, yes ditto.

  MESH Support 10:48 28 Sep 2006

Hi Amberlodge,

I still haven't received anything from your contact although we have been able to discuss the matter with our contact at Asus directly.

I'm sending out some returns information so we can arrange the collection of the notebook for a refund.

I've also emailed you these and other details so if you have any queries about the process, or other questions, please feel free to email me and I'll respond as soon as possible.


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