My Mesh computer arrived! Butit doesnt work!!1

  me1982 18:49 19 Dec 2006

All I get when booting it is 'reboot and select proper boot device'

Why wont the comp load? Im very angry, anyone help pls?


  me1982 18:55 19 Dec 2006

Why did my reply get deleted? Anyway, somethingmight be loose inside as I hear something rattling, if it has to go back I am gonna be livid.

  Forum Editor 18:58 19 Dec 2006

because we don't allow bad language of any kind here.

It sounds to me as if the hard drive isn't being accessed, and this may be due to on of the following:-

The drive isn't set as a boot device in the BIOS

The drive's power connector has come loose.

The IDE cable connector has come loose - either from the drive itself, or the motherboard.

Are you up to opening the case to have a look? If the cause is one of the last two things I've mentioned it will be easy to fix.

Otherwise you can access the BIOS settings to make sure the drive is set in the boot sequence list - do you know how to do this?

  me1982 18:59 19 Dec 2006

Sorry for the bad language, I am just angry.

I wont open it up as I dont know what I am doing

I know how to get into BIOS (Hit delete?) but once there I wouldnt know what to do.


  me1982 19:01 19 Dec 2006

actually i opened the case but not sure what to look for

  wee eddie 19:13 19 Dec 2006

Have you spoken to Mesh yet?

  me1982 19:14 19 Dec 2006

How can I when customer support closes at 6?

  Forum Editor 19:17 19 Dec 2006

don't do anything - you could make matters worse.

Ditto the BIOS.

Speak to Mesh in the morning, and try to keep things on an even keel - it's very near to Christmas, and they'll be under pressure. Be objective - you want help, and they might just be able to talk you through the process. Lose your temper and you may lose your chance for a working machine this side of the holiday. Forget about whose fault this is, and focus on getting from A to B.

  me1982 19:20 19 Dec 2006

Okay, but isnt there anything i can check in bios or something? I am sure I can get through that ok if you let me know what to check.

  Forum Editor 19:23 19 Dec 2006
  me1982 19:25 19 Dec 2006

I emailed Davey earlier but got no reply but ill do it again, thanks.

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