My Many Evesham Voyager Probelms

  livewire 12:10 07 Aug 2004

I thought I might share some of my problems with my Evesham System. Do you think it is feasable for a system to have this many problems? Evesham have said they will take a look at it when I send the system back to thier service department. As it is 6 months old do you think I should persue the matter any further? Afterall, it does have a very large number of problems...

Past Problems:

Recently, I have had to reinstall Windows and Repartition my Hard Disk after a sudden and unexpected system failure. Windows Set-up reported it could not recognize the partition in order to repair. This immediately suggested either extremely serious file system corruption or a faulty Hard Drive or Hard Drive controller. Eventually, I did proceed to re-partition the disk as there was no other option available. Since then, I have had many problems with my system and a large number of them are very serious.

Current Major (Critical) Problems:

• The Event Viewer reports the Hard Drive is faulty. The Error:
The device, \Device\Harddisk1\D, has a bad block.
Is displayed suggesting either Hard Drive damage or a faulty Hard Drive controller

• The ATi Radeon 9600 Graphics card will hard lockup on a 3d game using DirectX Technology (Age of Mythology). Similarly, if Hardware Acceleration is enabled in the DVD Playback program Win DVD the same Hard Lockup occurs. Playing a DVD with Acceleration enabled will cause the system to lock up on the Menu

• The System may take up to 5 minutes to start-up when the password is entered. The Computer will pause for 3 or 4 minutes with little or no Hard Disk Activity. Sometimes the system will not start at all.

• System Restore often fails to roll-back to a restore point.

• Error code 00000050, parameter1 faf49c04, parameter2 00000000, parameter3 00000000, parameter4 00000000. Appears when a STOP Error occurs.

• Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error calling routine CoCreateInstance. hr = 0x80040206.

• The COM+ Event System detected a bad return code during its internal processing. HRESULT was 80070006 from line 44 of d:\nt_qxp\com\com1x\src\events\tier1\eventsystemobj.cpp – This Error occurs even when no CD is inserted and no CD I currently have contains this directory.

• The System does not always resume from Stand-by and does not always shut down correctly.

• When plugging in External Speakers to the Audio Out sometimes only monaural sound is being output and I only out of the left channel. Sometimes no sound is output at all.

• Using the Function (FN) Key to turn of the TFT Display (FN+F11) will turn of the TFT Display but if you wait for 5 minutes and then turn the TFT Screen back on by pressing FN+ F11 again the system will lock up with a black screen forcing a hard re-boot.

• Cleaning up corrupt content index metadata on c:\system volume information\catalog.wci. Index will be automatically restored by refiltering all documents.

Other Minor Problems:

• The Touchpad driver sometimes terminates unexpectedly and all my customized synaptic touchpad settings are lost until I reboot for example pointer sensitivity and speed is lost. The Error displayed is: The Synaptic Mouse Pointer driver is being disabled because another pointing device is attached to the system. – This error is not correct as nothing has been attached.

• Sometimes the Touchpad behaves erratically or sometimes does not work at all forcing a re-boot.

• Sometimes Power Management does not alert the battery is low and the system hangs when trying to hibernate resulting in the battery running out or the system shutting its self down improperly.

• System Performance is very low. Menu transitions are very slow and the system takes an age to boot.

• After an hour or two of use when I right click the Local Disk C:\ in My Computer the system hard locks again.

I am shocked that a system could possibly have this many problems. The only things which do work correctly are the CD ROM, USB, and Memory Stick Reader.

  zootmo 13:14 07 Aug 2004

If I understand this correctly this computer is only six months old, I don't quite understand why you re-installed windows and re-partitioned the hard disc! Is the machine not under warranty? I would suggest a lot of the problems stem from a faulty hard drive, either the drive or the drive actuator.

If your machine is reporting hard disc errors why didn't you get Evesham involved? What do they have to say about all these problems? Surely it's in your best interest to let them know what's happened with your machine,isn't it?

You have my sympathy of course, but it does seem to me that the one advantage in buying a computer from an firm like Evesham, is the advantage of having a warranty to repair the machine if it is necessary.

  livewire 13:18 07 Aug 2004

I had to repartition the Hard Disk becuase Windows XP would not boot:
click here

Since then I have had all the problems stated above. I belive Evesham are now illing to budge and they have suggested that I should make arrangements for the system to be collected for thorough inspection.

I was jsut wondering if I should take this anyfurther? Should it be feasable for a system to have this volume of errors under warranty?

  livewire 13:21 07 Aug 2004

And just to make a note:

I did contact Evesham about the system not booting and they advised that I should Re-partition the Hard Disk. They have been aware of all the problems I have expirenced this far.

  zootmo 14:12 07 Aug 2004

Then, if Evesham is at fault in all of this, get stuck into them! You have an absolute right under the Sale of Goods Act to demand satisfaction, yes that's right demand it! Personally I would not have entertained Evesham's suggestion that I repartition the drive, further I would have insisted that Evesham put matters right.

Moreover, if I had an newish Evesham computer that failed to boot, not only would I have complained to Evesham, and in the case of their inaction I would have followed with a solicitors letter.

If you need to complain about anything, and you have right on your side, complain,complain and complain again! Remember the old adage "the squeaky wheels get the oil" make a noise, a fuss, make their customer complaints dept. sick of hearing from you.

That way, you will get what is due to you.

Regards Z

  livewire 14:58 07 Aug 2004

Thanks For your input! I guess I really should get in to them about this.

I espically like your saying
'the squeaky wheels get the oil'




  matt1234 07:21 08 Aug 2004

well what model is it because ive never had a problem with it!

I did take it into evesham (i live near the main base) to have the usb ports looked at but they were fine! (just me)

What it sounds like is your hardrive is goinG or the ram isnt in properly

  Forum Editor 09:32 08 Aug 2004

that it will be necesary to "get stuck into them" or start thinking about solicitors' letters, or any of the other dramatic scenarios vividly described by zootmo. Evesham have a good record as far as customer service is concerned, so why don't you do as they have already suggested and let them take a look at the computer?

The symptoms point to a faulty drive and/or serious problems with the operating system - let Evesham take a look.

  livewire 10:55 08 Aug 2004


The model is a Voyager 6200 (2.6)


Yes, I am in talks with Evesham to have them collect and inspect the Laptop as we speak.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:10 08 Aug 2004

Heed what the FE has written....acting like Zootmo's belligerent advice is not the sensible way. Calmness always wins. Going in with guns blazing just puts people's backs up (see Bush/Iraq).


  livewire 11:14 08 Aug 2004

Thanks for your useful input.

I am awaiting an e-mail from Evesham Today to confirm times.

Also, I was wondering if they did find a fualt with the Hard Drive (Which seems likely) would the hard drive be replaced or 'fixed'? Is it feasable to have the Hard Drive wiped again to test its integrity?

Thanks again!

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