My ISP has sent me a email appologising

  Giggle n' Bits 22:22 25 Jul 2006

for sending a Technical support update ref my Broadband for sending the email to 1800 other customers in error.
Apparently they have sent my Username, Email address, Alternate email address, Ref No. Sub amount and active status to 18,000 joe blogs users in there service.

Can I take legal action as I am expecting to be spammed and other things as of this evening.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:32 25 Jul 2006

Get over it. The 1800 others will have no interest in any of the dull information. I'm sure you can change a few details and it is not the end of the world nor the start of making some lawyers even richer.


  Giggle n' Bits 22:46 25 Jul 2006

for my isp account. This can only be done by cancellation in 12 months time when I am out of a 12 month contract. What's more its a business account.

Been reading the The Terms & Conditions and in there it answers that no personal info is passed on to 3rd partys without my aurthorisation.

  Forum Editor 22:59 25 Jul 2006

and there's absolutely no reason why you should be exposed to even the smallest possibility of being spammed as a result. An apology is fine - everyone makes mistakes - but in the circumstances it's not good enough, and if you've been told you can't have a new email address and username you've been told nonsense; they could do it in two minutes.

That's your main concern - the email address and username. Contact them and say that unless they make the necessary changes within 24 hours you'll be contacting the information commissioner. It's not much to ask in view of their lapse into inefficiency.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:13 25 Jul 2006

Where will I find the Information Commissioner please. What do they do.

I have had emails go missing because they had a corrupt email database, which they sent away to there Data Recovery specialist, emails that I will never get I think.

Force 9 a member of the Plus Net Group for anyone interested in the ISP.

Regards & Thanks FE

  Forum Editor 23:24 25 Jul 2006

click here

Give your ISP a chance to comply with your reqest before you do anything else though.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:51 25 Jul 2006

please, as I think it may develop a lot more.

Have been tring to contact Force 9 by telephone which is not possible. They don't answer the phone for my Premier Broadband account and the other support number gives you options and press 1 then press 5 then press 4 etc get so far and you get cut off! Excellent customer service.

You can send a email in a format what they call Help assistant but this takes days to get a reply, and the rely I had last went AWOL to the 1800 other Force 9 customers.

They said no credit card or home address details were passed on in this email but admitted the other items listed in top posting had.

I wish to cancel my service with them and call it a day.

Thing is when I joined with them in May 06 it said if your not entirely happy with thew service they would pay for me to move to another ISP. Ok, I asked cancel, and seems they have ingored my request and are acting on my original broadband connection & speed issue. 3 weeks ago they say there was a fault and they would let me no 3 weeks ago it would be 5 days but it took 3 weeks for any comunication from them.

I signed up for a 12 month contract, I need to know if I can pull out becase or there poor customer service, support and violation of there Terms & conditions

I can get online now but how about next week or next month ? Will they send my emails AWOL again or loose there server database and my emails again. I know no one here can answer this but caution to anyone looking for a new Broadband ISP.

Again, Forum Editor would it be possible to re-open this posting please.


  spuds 09:35 26 Jul 2006

You seem to have a number of concerns, but the main issue appears to be one of cancellation of contract. To solve this problem, then you and the provider will have to negotiate on an amicable solution.It would appear that you agreed to cancel at an early stage, but didn't follow through with it!.

Here are a number of bodies, who may provide further advice click here click here click here click here

  dontmeshwithme 10:30 26 Jul 2006

Unlike Gandalf, I see any leak of personal information to 18000 people as a serious breach of duty of care. If user names and email addresses are "dull information" then perhaps he would like to post his on here?

  Giggle n' Bits 11:12 26 Jul 2006

Seems I am not just worrying over nothing, would GANDALF <|:-)> like ot post his isp provided email for all of us maybe 1800 PCA forum users could send him some viagra mails. Lol

Ok, I have now prepaired my complaint and got the relevent infomation together.

If anyone remembers I was with Wanadoo Broadband upto around May 06 this year and they upgraded me to LLU which caused line dropps every hour and upto 12 weeks of this.

I contacted Force 9 before joining Premier Broadband and told them the problems I was having with Wanadoo. there reply as next paragraph:-

"For us to get your to have normal 1meg or 2meg, Or the even the maxdsl service allowing upto 8meg. Because you would be coming back onto normal ipstream rather than llu there shouldnt be any problem with the service at all."

Will be back later. As I have said earlier, getting intouch with F9 is difficult, they only seem to read the first lines of any mail communications and ignore the rest, so sending all my gripes is going to go over their heads so I am trying to cuto down things for them.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:22 26 Jul 2006

Force 9 tried 0845 140 0250 which is just menu's and no chance of getting thorugh to them they cut the call off.

Then for my Premier Broadband at premium Rate cost 50p min I am to call 0906 709 0004 this number just rings out got to 5 mins and call was cut off dead.

It is now the case confirmed that I am unable to comunicate with the ISP who is being paid for a service which is poor, unreliable, and passing on my private details.

I am now reading link to the site the FE gave me.

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