My host has run out - without even telling me!

  ionsurge 12:42 20 Feb 2003


My host has run out, (click here) and they have not even bothered to tell me that they were shutting down.

They just seemed to disappear off the face of the planet yesterday.

Their email accounts have gone, and I can't even access my domain at all click here

Can anyone tell me what to do?

Thank you,

Ionsurge Inc

  tbh72 13:03 20 Feb 2003

Hopefully, you will have a backup of your FTP Server. So you will be able to set up your site else where and redirect to it.

Have you tried telephoning this company??

  ionsurge 13:15 20 Feb 2003

There are no responses whatsoever.

I have everything backed up on my own machine. But I have no access whatsoever to the actual domain at all.

Through doing a whois domain check, I found that the domain was registered with

So I have no idea as to how I can persuade names4ever that I am the real owner of and not saco internet.

I am really desperate at the moment, and I need to get back.

Please help, any suggestions are really appreciated.

Thank you,


  tbh72 14:15 20 Feb 2003

I have certificates of ownership of my domain names, do you have those certifcates? do you own the domain name?

  ionsurge 14:28 20 Feb 2003

Technically sacointernet own the domain name... they put all the details under their company.

But I do have a wide range of emails telling me that was successfully registered. Also, when they updated their machines, I have those emails telling me that was updated also.

Do you think that would be enough to convince (registrant of

  tbh72 14:42 20 Feb 2003

I'm not totally clued up on consumer issues like this, but it sounds to me as if you DO NOT own From the information provided it sounds as if saco own it and have allowed you the use of it. Which means it will be part of saco's assets, if they are in finacial difficulty I believe you will have lot's of trouble and it will certainly take alot of time to get that domain name back, it may not even be possible.

I would like some of the other guy's to offer you some advice they are much more clued up?

  ionsurge 14:56 20 Feb 2003

This seems to be getting worse all the time...

  ionsurge 16:44 20 Feb 2003

Okay, the plot seems to have thickened...

All of their nameservers have been wiped.

Another site, click here seems to have gone down with the same message on their hosts.

Does anyone have any incling as to what is happening?

  Taran 17:52 20 Feb 2003

It sounds as though they are having the most spectacular outage I've heard of this year, or (more likely) they are going/have gone bust.

There are a variety of hardware faults that can cause this. Simply moving their hosting service to another host/server (in the case of a business merge between hosting companies for example) could result in DNS and similar errors for a day or two, but you should have been warned well in advance of any such move. In the absence of any warnings or communication from them, I'd imagine they are gone for good, especially since you say their telephone lines offer no answers either.

Regarding your domain name, if all you have are some emails about your domain name, you have nothing. You should have the registration certificates with the dates of registration/expiration and so on. This appears to be one of those instances where a hosting company/ISP have registered on your behalf; they own the name, you get to use it.

I'm sure you must have a backup of the physical site and all files, media and content that makes it up. Unless you get any communication from the host in question over the next day or two, I'm afraid it sounds as though you will have to cut your losses and start again under a new name. You can't even transfer the domain to another host without the current host releasing it.

There are some vague possibilities, but without any further details it's impossible to speculate. If they have registered on your behalf and they are having business problems, you're stuck. You can't force them to release the name since they appear to own it anyway.

Sorry to confirm your suspicions. We can all hope on your behalf that this is simply a clumsy and unannounced move to new hardware.



  ionsurge 18:01 20 Feb 2003

Oh okay...

I better look for a new name then.


  Taran 18:02 20 Feb 2003

This may not be of much help, but the following domain names are all available at attractive prices.

ionsurge. info

ionsurge. biz

ionsurge. tv

ionsurge. net

ionsurge. org



It wouldn't take much work on your behalf to get an established site (if it was established) running again under a similar name to its original. A few weeks of disruption at most is all you might expect unless you offered online trading or similar services, in which case smoothing things out will take alittle longer.

An apologetic email-shot to all of your customers or site members would soon get traffic moving to the new address.

You can get the new domain name up and running within 24 hours. Some hosts are even faster if you know where to look and who to use.

It may not be what you want to hear, but for very little financial outlay you can be up and running by this time tomorrow at the latest with another ionsurge site and all of you customers/members will know about it if you email-shot them.

Food for thought perhaps ?

It would certainly be quicker than trying to get back a name you never owned from a host that may well have vanished for good.

If you need any suggestions or further help along these lines, feel free to email me (click the envelope icon next to my username).

Hope this may help.



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