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  AcidBurn7uk 00:17 23 May 2004
Locked the consumerwatch forum that is!

A family member has asked me to goto a computer fair with them and said somebody recommended the one at the g-mex in Manchester.

Does anybody have any idea what it's like here.

And, in general, can you pick up a good bargin (if you know what you are looking for). I have been playing/breaking/fixing computers since I was 12/13 (18 now) and consider myself pretty advanced with hardware, so feel I won't be ripped off as easily as someone that don't know what they are really talking about - you know who you are ;)

What parts would you recommend avoiding, as I suppose you don't get a receipt with your purchase! I guess here the obvious one would be ileagal software (Big business I understand) and expensive parts like processers that my not work etc.

Please advice, as I am a Computer Fair Virgin!

  ][)) @ \\// ][ ][)) 00:57 23 May 2004

I've been to a computer fair near Newcastle once and found everything is a lot more prefessional then I expected. There was only one stall selling illeagal copied CDs while all the others sold mainly genuine hardware. My friend has bought a motherboard and processor from there. They both came with a receipt and he has had no problems with them.

Don't compare a computer fair with a car boot sale, they are nothing alike. It is run very professionaly (well the one I went to was anyway)

  AcidBurn7uk 01:53 23 May 2004

][)) @ \\// ][ ][)) (?) Thanks. Hope we will get a bargin when we go. I imagined them to be much like Car-ZBoot sales, but you say they are ran very professionally. We will see what this is like! Thanks Again. Jay.

  Stuartli 10:02 23 May 2004

I've never had any trouble obtaining receipts for items purchased at computer fairs, nor the name and address of the seller concerned just in case there are any problems.

Mind you it's a professionally operated fair that I attend and many of the stalls are run by people who have a full-time retail outlet elsewhere.

  Stuartli 10:06 23 May 2004

These links may help you access the standard of computer fairs:

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

There are many other similar sites - which ones you use obviously depend in which part of the UK you live.

  spuds 12:08 23 May 2004

The local computer fairs that I attend, usually give you a small catalogue containing various information which also includes the stallholders details.A plus mark, is that part of the information supplied covers your consumer rights.

I find that about 95% of the stallholders are regulars with business premises, so it is their livelyhood they are maintaining, with the remaining 5% casuals, who are usually students selling compatible inkjets and the like,'weekend traders', plus someone having a general clearout of their computer surplus.

Any problems or queries, and you should find that the team running the event will be more than helpfull.

A few months ago, I purchased a pack of 100x blank cdw's, some proved to be a problem on my cd-writer.Seeing the stallholder a month later, I casually mentioned this problem to him, and without a quibble or anything, he gave me another 100 pack free of charge,with a sincere appology.So if the fair is well run, you should have no problems in making a reasonable discounted purchase.

  Rayuk 13:29 23 May 2004

The main computer fair in Manchester is at Bowlers in Trafford Park every Saturday.
When is the GMex one held?

  Rayuk 13:57 23 May 2004

Bowlers and others
click here

  AcidBurn7uk 12:20 24 May 2004

Rayuk, I think it is on a Sunday (thats what I have been told), I will also look into the one at Bowlers, and a few that are more localised.

Thanks for your all your answers, it's boosted my confidence about buying from them, as I am aslways wary about stuff like this (Car boots etc)

Will let you know how it all goes in the near future.

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