My experience with novatech

  Europa 20:18 13 Jan 2007

I have bought this PC from Novatech : click here with XP Home on the 28th december 2006.
I monitored the order tracking very closely in my account as it was around Christmas time and things can go wrong mostly around that time. On the 3rd of january my order showed as ready for despatch, then on the 5th it showed as waiting for stock, 3 to 4 days to built. I contacted them through the live chat feature on their website, which allow you to speak straight away with one of their operator, who said that there was some problems with the stock, so I had to wait a bit longer. So I waited and check my order every day to see the progress of my order, then eventually I got an email on friday in the afternoon that my order was going to leave the warehouse at 10 at night, but the email didn't list the 56K V90 external modem I've ordered with it. So I've call back their live chat again explaining the situation, she called the warehouse to make sure that they send the modem as well in the order.
In the email, they give you the link to trace your order when it leaves their warehouse.
I have received the tower this morning at 9 o'clock and everything is working perfecttly. I was given a V 92modem at the end, which is better.
Except for the slight delay (which can happen to any company, it was a good experience, the live chat is so much better than the email system where you need to wait for the reply, if you've got any concern about your order you can contact them and have an answer to your problem straight away.
My only concern was the packaging, it seemed a bit flimsy, and the delivery man was dragging the parcel on the floor, holding it by one of the holes on the side of the box, but I wasn't that surprised about that.
My other concern is that I have run Belarc advisor and I cannot find any information on the motherboard or the DVD/W, but that's only me pushing a bit, it is working perfectly up to now.
I would definitively consider Novatech again for my next PC, unless my new computer give me problems in the near future.

  spuds 20:27 13 Jan 2007

Many people who use this forum recommend Novatech including myself. I have made many purchases of minor items, not a complete built system, and in each case everything as worked out fine.

For a more in-depth look into your computer, try SIW click here

  Europa 20:31 13 Jan 2007

Let's try this one : click here

  [email protected] 20:44 13 Jan 2007

i have been very happy with my novatech purchases, belarc and everest dont find any details of my hp mobo either i got details from this great site click here

  Europa 13:45 14 Jan 2007

click here I hope it works this time.

  Stuartli 15:05 14 Jan 2007

If you go to Start>Programs>Accessories>System Information, the details of your motherboard can be found from System Summary (highlight the line).

System Manufacturer will detail the motherboard manufacturer and System Model the model number of your particular motherboard.

  grumpygramp 15:34 14 Jan 2007

I am somewhat surprised at your packaging , I bought a desktop from them last November and I found the packaging to be good and sturdy and It did not look as if it had received and undue bad Handling . When I finally wrapped up the empty box to put in the shed ( I keep all my boxes at least until the warrantee runs out .Hence the shed)I remarked to the wife that the packaging,including all the polystyrene must weigh nearly as much as the Computer.
As far as Novatech Customer Services are concerned ,there are a lot of companies that would benefit by following their systems.

  Europa 20:18 14 Jan 2007

grumpygramp, I am not denying the fact that I had an excellent service from them, even if the PC came one week late for stock problems, I had the possibility to track what was happening and was informed along the way of all the stages the order was going through.
On the other hand it's true that, out of the 3 computers I ever bought, the Novatech packaging was the "flimsyer", one of the holes on the side that you should use to carry the box was ripped, the one the courier was using to drag the box on the floor? It got me worried a bit.It had foam wrapping on top and bottom to prevent the tower to move, but nothing on the sides, so probably that made the box a bit weaker than if it was totally filled with something.
The only little problem I've got is that they installed bullguard and I don't know the username and password they used to activate the thing, they didn't use my email address for sure. I have emailed them about that, waiting for response.

  Fellsider 20:34 14 Jan 2007

I don't suppose that the courier was UPS by any chance?

I was tracking my order last week when the details suddenly showed that there was no-one availabl to sign on first delivery and that a second attempt would be made. Bearing in mind that I was sitting in the house waiting I can catagorically atate that they did not call at my door. I phoned UPS who did get back to me but asked, as the driver was now 10 miles away, if they could deliver the next day (what happened to the second attempt??). I reluctantly agreed provided I got my £1.00 back that I had paid for next day delivery.
The parcel was delivered the next day but, surprise surprise,

1) the driver wasn't the one that was supposedto deliver the previous day


2) He knew nothing about any refund.

To give Novatech the credit that they deserve, I e-mailed them and they made the refund.

Makes you think though. How many others are UPS ripping off!

  Spark6 20:37 14 Jan 2007

A coincidence! Today I ran Belarc on a Novateck desktop bought, as a Xmas present, for my grandchildren. The printout is in front of me and I note that the Main Circuit Board is identified as a WinFast 760GXK8MC and the CD-ROM drive as Lite-On DVD SHD-16PIS.

  Europa 20:43 14 Jan 2007

The courier was UPS. I had no problems with delivery time, as the system left the warehouse on friday night, and I got the system saturday morning at 9o'clock. I did pay for saturday delivery.
It's just the way he handled the box, and it was written Fragile all over the box.

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