Is my Blackberyy new or not?

  josie mayhem 09:31 26 Apr 2008

Have I got a brand new Blackberry Curve or not?

I ponder this very much...

Hubby got the Blackberry Curve for me last Saturday (it is on contract) The phone shop but my sim card in at the shop...

When you regisra the phone it sends a txt saying that this has been done...

When scrolling through my txt messages, I noticed that I had one date Wed 5th March, which as I didn't get the phone until last Saturday the 19th April the I wonder what the earth this message was, and when I opened it, it was a txt saying that the phone had been registered on the %th March over a month before I had the phone?

Hubby says that the shop opened a sealed box, but I find this very strange indeed?

  jack 11:51 26 Apr 2008

if you have any doubts.
It is possible the shop demoed the item or even- checked it out .

  josie mayhem 12:39 26 Apr 2008

We got it through our local carephone warehouse... So everything should have been above board.

Mind you the phones I'm been getting from o2 and there insurance company have been a bit of a nightmare...

Mind you the insurance company wasn't a bad thing, we declind the shop insurance which worked out £7ish eextra every month... So low and behold we had several phone calls at the weekend concerning insurance... Hang on and got 18 month cover, phone will be replaced as many times as require etc for saving ourselves £146 over this time if we had taken out when we got the phone....

Wish o2 would get there act together.... we been inudented with phone calls from them... different people asking the same thing, the last person who we spoke to and explained that we've already sorted it out with o2, got quite struppy and tried to make out that it was a frudster who might have phoned us... Funny thing is she couldn't give us our details but the other chap give us the details aboput our account?

  pavvi 13:42 26 Apr 2008

Be very careful when you get a call on the mobile for insurance. There is an unscrupulous company that takes bank card details pretending to be CPW for insurance that turns out not to exist. Never pay for insurance like this with your debit card, as it cannot be cancelled in the same way as a direct debit can be.

They phone up with the pretence of being CPW checking on insurance (they try and find out number ranges by attempting to buy a phone and choosing a number and then looking at more numbers). The problem with them using a debit/credit card instead of a direct debit is that the mandate on a card is virtually impossible to stop. The only sure way to stop it is to cancel the card completely. Banks will tell you that they cannot stop a card mandate. I know this because as a store manager I often took up the campaign for a wronged customer.

In short, if you get a phone call from someone on your mobile offering you cheaper insurance, be wary and don't enter into a card mandate (this is why RAC etc use card mandates on their roadside sales offices...of course RAC is far more reliable than these other insurance companies I am talking about and will cancel when you request it.)

  ened 16:57 26 Apr 2008

"We got it through our local carephone warehouse... So everything should have been above board."

Don't you believe it!

I don't have much faith in the morality or integrity of CarPhone Warehouse at the moment.

  lisa02 17:46 26 Apr 2008

Chances are the phone has been opened and demo'd in store. Typically "Hi I'm interested in that model, can I see on?" Assistant gets box from back opened it and customer gets a play with it. "Ok, cheers I'll leave it now". Assistant puts it back in the box and sells it to the next punter.

I buy all my phones from CPW - the handsets are unlocked and unbranded and all I do is request a sealed phone prior to purchase. I recently bought a G600 and the first one brought out was opened. I refused to accept it as I'm rather fussy and they went out back for a new one with Samsung seals on both lids of the box.

  setecio 22:16 29 Apr 2008

>>>> I recently bought a G600 and the first one brought out was opened. I refused to accept it as I'm rather fussy <<<<

I don't think it is being fussy. When you buy something new it ought to be new and sealed.

You never know ... the phone in this example might have been sold, then returned.

Don't have any qualms about demanding a sealed package and make them (and not you) feel crap about trying to palm off something 'as new' when it isn't.

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