My 27% Dual Fuel Discount Tariff Ends April 2011.

  Big L 266 08:14 22 Feb 2011


In April 2010,I signed up for an online deal called FixOnline 6 for my gas and electric.In return,I get a 6% discount for paying by Direct Debit,plus a further 2% discount for duel fuel and a further massive 19.80% online discount for both.This deal expires end of March 2011 and it wasn't available for very long as I recall.

With one full bill to come in the final quarter of this current tariff,I added up all my discounts to date and found I've saved £186.92.If I assume a further £50 discount from my final bill,then my total savings will be around £236.00 for the whole year.

Once this deal expires,I will have to choose another one but I may or may not stay with my current supplier. So far,there are no deals on offer for anything remotely like this one so my fuel costs are set to rise well in excess of 20%.This will indeed come as a major shock.I did ask my supplier if there were any better deals on offer and was told no there weren't and that I had one of the best deals of any company.

My supplier does have several 'lock in' tariffs for the next two years with reduced unit cost prices that will guarantee not to increase.Given the volatile state of the Middle East,I feel this may well be a sensible option given how oil prices are rising substantially.

I wondered what tariffs you all have and what you will do when they end. It would be very interesting to read if you plan to stay with your current supplier or go elsewhere. I'm content to stay with mine unless you believe there is a better deal.

I have to go offline for a few hours soon as I'm having new meters fitted today as part of a rolling programme of upgrades.I will be back much later today to catch up with your responses.

I hope you found this of some interest.

Big L 266

  spuds 08:59 22 Feb 2011

Your agreement might end on that day, but I am sure your provider will offer a similar dual fuel tariff. Mine did, and it wasn't as shocking massive increase that I thought it might have been.

All the companies are trying to get new subscribers, and are making offers that seem good, even offering a three year contract instead of the present two years. But if you look at all the details, you will most likely see there is no or very little difference between companies. Now thats called competition!.

  jakimo 14:33 22 Feb 2011

EON online 6 has been competitive,but not always the cheapest,would suggest you use one of the comparison sites to see what April deals will be on offer before signing up

  oresome 17:40 22 Feb 2011

I recently changed supplier and noted the following:

Giving notice to the present supplier even a day early will result in a hefty exit penalty.

The final bill from the present supplier will not attract the discounts normally applicable to the tariff.

The default tariff your present supplier will automatically transfer you to at the end of the term will not be the best value one they have on offer.

The whole process of changing is quite lengthy, taking around 6/8 weeks.

Once you are on a competitive tariff, the savings to be made by switching suppliers are usually quite small

  Big L 266 19:26 22 Feb 2011


spuds....I'll take another look at their website to see the whole range of offers by Eon.I know sometimes they sneak in a special like my tariff and within days its gone. Its a bit like TalkTalk tariffs for phone and internet.The other day they offered 12 month contracts for their main two tariffs but within a few days both been withdrawn.What remained were two tariffs with 50% off each for a year.Strange world is the interwebski.

jakimo....I've done price comparisons before and the difference is so minimal I've not bothered to waste the time swapping for a few pounds savings.I agree with spuds' view on competition though the watchdog overseeing the gas and electric companies is like a toothless kitten being snapped and snarled at by a pride of lions.

oresome....Last year I had an unexpected final bill from Eon in my inbox."Thank you for your custom" it said.When I rang Eon to say why had my account been shut,I was told I had died and passed away and the new tenant had taken over my bungalow!I asked who the new tenant was and they told me the name,and I promptly went next door and had a right go at him who didn't know what number he lived at!Not bad for a new tenant who'd only just moved in!I take on board all things you mention about default tariffs.I'll be on the old 'dog and bone' tomorrow.

Big L 266

  Big L 266 20:14 22 Feb 2011


jakimo & oresome....I did a quick check with uSwitch. If I swapped to their first choice I would be worse off by £16.11 a year with Scottish Power.If I swapped to their last choice I would be worse off by a whopping £465.27 a year with Utilita! In between the two of sixty nine comparisons,the scale of being 'worse off' graduated with each one!

Was that an eye-opener or was that an eye-opener?

I see what you mean lack of competition!

Big L 266

  muddypaws 11:00 23 Feb 2011

I moved to a new build bungalow on Jan. 20th.
I had to switch to BG from Eon as that was the deal.
However Eon started the switch back, at my request, at that time and 3 weeks later I am back with Eon.
Like you Big L 266 I was on a dual fuel with on line discount of about 25%.
Now I am all electric so will lose some discount.
My present tariff expires in March. I was on economy 7 at the old house and Eon will put me back on that at the end of this week. Also they will back date the night rate to my meter reading at the switch back.
Not sure what tariff will be suggested, but I have always found Eon to be extremely customer friendly and will speak for as long as you want to make sure you are satisfied and will explain everything.
So I will almost certainly stay with them even if it turns out a little dearer.
My few conversations with BG did not impress me.

  spuds 11:22 23 Feb 2011

I am also a subscriber to EoN, but I have had my fair share of contacting their customer services, even at supposed 'contact our customer service director' level on various issues. And while the call and sale staff seem obliging, 'mistakes and incorrect information' can still occur.

I do note though, that EoN are presently running an advertisement campaign regarding 3 year contracts for present subscribers. I still cannot understand if you need to contact them to change the existing contract, because they do not seem to communicate these 'special' offers direct. I have brought this type of concern to their attention previously. Nothing like having loyal customers who are left out in the cold,while they are trying to attract perhaps new, so to say?.

  Big L 266 13:59 23 Feb 2011


muddypaws....I do hope you'll like bungalow life as much as I do.I lived in a 3 bed in London then downsized to a 1 bed flat before SHDC allocated me a 1 bed bungalow on health grounds.It is so much different and I really hope you'll enjoy not having an 'upstairs'.

I've also found Eon Customer Services very good indeed especially after my neighbour had me declared 'deceased'.Both Eon staff and I had a good laugh at the end! I've looked at a long-term 'lock-in' with Eon and am giving it serious consideration.My sole reason is that with problems in the Middle East and ever rising prices of gas and elecric, it seems logical to to do this. I'm on fixed income benefits and two small pensions the former of which will change in 2013 and the latter which never increase. Its not always obvious on Eons website where these deals are.There are two places,one for existing customers to change tariffs,and one for new customers to pick a choice. I will stay with them on three counts:- excellent customer services, excellent meter replacements yesterday by a fine company employee, and excellent tariffs into which I build up a 'winter chest fund' throughout the year on fixed direct debits. All I have to choose is the right tariff for me.

spuds....I think sometimes customer services do make mistakes,but in the 8 years I've been with Eon (and its predecessors),have always had a good relationship with them.(Same as T-Mobile with whom I've been since its 'Mercury Communications' days!)I suspect we as customers have to contact them rather than the other way round. Once our existing contracts expire, we're simply put on a standard one by, I believe, default and this isn't always the best.I do feel though that sometimes loyal customers are left out in the cold (as I was with months of agravation by Santander),in favour of new customers, but I don't feel this is the case with Eon. I do feel that I've been well looked after whenever I ring customer services.

I hope my call to them in a few minutes will be fruitfull for my change at the end of March.

Big L 266

  Big L 266 14:02 23 Feb 2011

P.S.Sorry about some of my spelling mistakes.

  Big L 266 14:56 23 Feb 2011


I rang Eon a few minutes ago and their customer service staff were extremely helpful.My last bill date on this tariff will be March 31st.I ring them on the day,and they will talk me through a final bill (with four meter readings),after which they will swap me for their 2014 deal for online customers only.The unit price is a couple of pence higher,and the discounts much lower,but the prices won't rise from 2011 to 2014 and could fall if prices come down.Given the volatility of the Middle East,and the price of oil and gas rises as a result,I feel that this tariff is the best for me long-term as there are also benefit changes coming in 2012/2013.The stability of fixed unit prices help me work out a budget and I'm happy to do this.There is also the benefit of no penalty fee to opt-out in the future.So it'll be three years of Eon which I'm happy to stay with.

Big L 266

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