music / video web sites

  malgall 11:56 13 Apr 2003

just asking what sites you would recommend
both free and pay sites
i have seen sites like napster charge
but are they worth it

  Ironman556 13:14 13 Apr 2003

Not quite what you wanted, but have some great prices on music & video's.

  mcullum_DX4Life 15:03 13 Apr 2003

click here - been using iut for some time now and before i get a hammering from certain members of the PCA community, YES its totally legal, they stream some of the latest films as it is run by film directors or sumthing like that afaik. I watched Triple X on there the other night.

Also have some good music vids and radio stations etc...

You will however need a broadband connection.

HTH ;-)

  Murray 15:48 13 Apr 2003

wow - the wonders of braodband, eh

watching madonnas old videos now - some really good stuff there... cheers.

malgall I think i the most well known site for uncopyrighted music on the net.

We better keep it all legal here...

  tarkus 16:41 13 Apr 2003

been using audiogalaxy's rhapsody service for a couple of months now, $9.99 per month for access and if you want to burn to cd then it's 99cents per track. you will need broadband access though as the tracks are streamed over the net and the sound quality is very, very good. it did say on the site that this service was only available to USA residents but i had no problems registering from the uk. the choice of material is also very good.

  nightporter 18:20 13 Apr 2003

I use about £3.20 per month, for streaming music vids.

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