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  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 17:32 29 Dec 2005

Hello everyone,

Would anyone know of or be able to recommend any music composition software, I have searched google but alot of them seem to either MIDI / ringtone makers or just mp3 mixers.

I was wondering if such software exists, that you can add a drum beat, bass line, riffs and melodies ect, I know you can buy this kind of software as games for playstaion ect, but I'd like a PC version.

Can anyone help?


  joe_123a 17:45 29 Dec 2005

i know of a few, but what kind of input device are you going to use? midi controller or what?

guitar pro 4 (mainly for guitarists, but allows you to add stuff in manually just usin normal notation)

cakewalk (not sure which one, but thats a program that allows you what you want)

evolution sound studio 2

then thers the more 'professional' pricey stuff... Propellerhead REASON, Steinberg CUBASE, FL studio 5, and pro tools

  pj123 13:09 30 Dec 2005

I have a CD called Dance eJay, bought a few years ago from a "bargain bucket". Never used it but to give you some idea of what it is have a look here. click here

Although that is version 7 the version I have is 4.10.

If you want to give it a try email me your address and I will post it to you.

  realist 13:32 30 Dec 2005

You could do a Google for Aldo's Pianito it has a true pc keyboard interface with all kinds of options. There's free trial download and it's only a few pounds for the registered version.

  Roadgiant 15:12 30 Dec 2005

Try this program http: Band in a Box //click here a friend at work who plays guitar swears by it.

  Roadgiant 15:16 30 Dec 2005

Try this program Band in a Box //click here a friend at work who plays guitar swears by it. Forgot to mention there is a 90 10 demo version on the site with some features disabled, but it will give you an idea of its capabilities.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 12:57 01 Jan 2006

Thanks for all the suggestions so far I will check them all out :-)

Happy new year!

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