Multivision Warranty Transfer

  Sans le Sou 09:34 26 Jun 2004

Hello - I had a letter this morning from "digital network plc" inviting me to subscribe to a 2 year "on-site" warranty. It all seems a bit rushed with a time limit to sign up and a not very detailed description of the terms. What is worrying is that the repairs are being contracted out to Repairline, who sent a guy out to fix my Mesh and who forgot to connect the internal power supply and a few other errors on a component. this invitation comes,and I quote" as an excellent package at a price of £116.33 inc VAT"
It says parts and labour, but has no mention of monitor. Has anyone signed up for this.

  Sans le Sou 09:38 26 Jun 2004

On closer inspection it looks like a branch of Carrera SSC computers.

  spuds 11:17 26 Jun 2004

click here If you paid by credit card or computer finance, and you have warranty left on your previous Multivision cover, then take up the issue with your credit card or computer loan finance company stating the Consumer Credit Act.They are equally responsible for the warranty, so why purchase another 'time limited'offer, when the finance house maybe responsible.

  Gannondorf 12:14 26 Jun 2004

I don't want to discredit any particular company and we all have to make a living but if it is Carrera then they have a lot of cheek as it was the old carrera company who left a lot of people (myself included)with worthless warranties when they went into liquidation themselves a few years ago,you have to decide for yourself the value of such warranties.

  joesoaps 12:40 26 Jun 2004

Got the same letter this morning.My first foray into computers was with Carrera (the old company)a few years ago so as Gannondorf says they do have some cheek,needles to say I shall not be accepting their kind offer.My true feelings would result in this(my first posting)being deleted.

  Sans le Sou 21:22 26 Jun 2004

I will write to Barclaycard again, they were less than helpful the first time but I can now show them a copy of this offer together with all the other stuff they demanded to make life awkward. Thanks for the input.

  spuds 22:55 26 Jun 2004

When you write to Barclaycard, mention Equal Liability under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Should mention that if you applied and received your credit card before the 1st of July 1977, then the above Act may not apply. In the case of Barclaycard, the Act will apply as they have agreed on a voluntary basis to honour the Act. The way things stand at present, some finance houses including some credit card companies may not honour the Act if they have not volunteered to do so, if you obtained your original card agreement before 1st July 1977.No one as taken court action on this matter, so the Office of Fair Trading publication OFT303, suggest that people cancel their pre 1977 agreements and re-apply for a new credit card facility.

  Sans le Sou 20:51 27 Jun 2004

Thanks for that, only had the plastic for about 18 months.

  HARRY55 17:07 30 Sep 2004

I took out the warrany with repair-line at the recommendation of fire-crest whcih bought multivision stock. they have had my laptio now for 6 weeks and given many excuses for non-return. They have not returned my laptop still and are difficult to get hold of. Has any had any experience of this company?

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